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The label “the next big thing” has been misattributed so frequently that the phrase often elicits rolled eyes and a slew of “yeah right’s,” but we really do mean it — Ellie Goulding is destined for worldwide fame and notoriety, the evidence of which was in abundance at Union Square.

For starters, Ellie is a fantastic live performer. An acoustic show such as the one at Best Buy leaves very little for an artist to hide behind, and in baring it all for us it was clear that the Brit truly knows how to sing. In a world full of auto-tuned, software-enhanced pop stars that leave our airwaves devoid of the natural beauty of human voices, it’s hugely refreshing to witness a musician who sits down at the mic, just sings and sounds great doing it. And for an artist who is very much involved in a grassroots sort of effort to get her music out there, this will be a huge factor as she continues performing in venues such as SNL.

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Comment by keithus smith on August 11, 2011 at 12:05am


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