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Spring break time is here for me. I've been flitting around the net to amuse myself with whatever suits my fancy. It's rather a challenging effort given that I've got the attention span of a bumble bee that's just made a snack of a Datura flower (i.e., it's very short).

After a very long search, I finally found a full length studio recording of In Die Nacht by Tokio Hotel, my current favorite (which is slowly being pushed out by Totgeliebt (Love Is Dead)).

I've also been fooling around with wallpapers and such, but then when am I not?

I've very much looking forward to the new Tokio Hotel album, and the wait is killing me!

While I'm waiting though, I've been giving Cinema Bizarre a second look. Their style is quite unique, and makes me smile often. Though I think I'm just a little bit in love with them after their latest interview with Buzznet, "In Bed With..."

You've got these guys who met at an anime convention, love playing World of Warcraft, and at least one of them loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Men after my own heart, I tell you.

Their music isn't bad either. *bounces off to listen to Lovesongs (They Kill Me)*

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