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Album release date!, Confused Bill, new booking agent

Tokio Hotel Album Release DATE!

Tokio Hotel will release their brand new album next 26 June 2009. Although the date is not yet closed as it depends on the final recordings, it´s the estimated one.

The album has not title yet but one of the rumours which were on the net is confirmed : Bill Kaulitz will play the violin in one of the songs. Besides, he´ll offer a new look (not the only band member to do it).

During next weeks news about the album and the first single soon in stores will be launched by the official webpage. So don´t miss it!

Bill gets confused
Look! Bill gets confused and starts singing the German version, Schrei, instead of Scream (at like, 0:47seconds) Listen Carefully, you can hear him start singing the chorus in German. So CUTE!

New Booking Agent

After finding out yesterday that Tokio Hotel dropped Four Artists, their previous booking agent, we have now discovered that their new agent is American Entertainment Productions. This new agent is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and has a very large number of successful bands in their lineup. Tokio Hotel has been added to their lineup, and a new page is online where you can book them for an event. If you want to book them, go here (please note, only do this if you have cash to burn and don't mind living under a rock for the next couple of years..Tokio Hotel are PRICEY!! xD)

Hopefully the new agent will give us more advance notice of Tokio Hotel concerts.

ok I'm a bit confused...since when could Bill play the violin?! Thinkin someone got lost in translation and just wanted to say violins are on the album :s

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Comment by taylor on April 11, 2009 at 11:06pm
do you know how much Tokio hotel is to book for a party..???


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