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I went to 2 parties with my husband last night. one was his firend was spinning at a small club in Shibuya, and another one was also his friend organized and invited the guest DJ from Britan at club Asia in Shibya, as well.

Well,,, all I can say is taht I found I always go to parties are really good. I think if people always eat very nice and delicious meal, then, they will learn what is good and what is bad, and also if something wrong, they can also realize how come so bad and wrong. And that's the same way that I felt and knew what went there and what was wrong. I mean that I did not like drum'n base which is very fast btm, just noizy sound that I most hated, and people moving like bumping that I couldn't find there was any beauty or sexy. This is totally what I just think of it and I hope people would'nt mind what I think, though.

and club Asia,, oh.. that ,,that,, was just suck,, sound system was suck gust Dj was suck most croud like kids were suck. I mean it, me and my husband was there was just twice include last night, and it's been a very long time since the last time so we just forgot how this club was suck.. if they want to improve the club and try something need to be done, it will be really better and more something fabulous place in the middle of the city because of the club its have the potential to be so, I think..

Anyway, my country, Japan has been starting the longest national holiday in a year. It'll has been 4days to 8 or 9 days at least, and the differencese how long we get the holyday is just depend on each company's dicision.

So,, that's it that makes me lead myself satisfaction..haha,,

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