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Like everybody knows, MJ died on the 25th of June.
Well, the whole world is getting sad about this missing.
I think MJ was a great musician, well i can't say the same about his private life because I dind't know him, even if I heard smth about him through the press. But i can't judge him.
Well even if he died we can keep him alive , for sure.
But there smth I don't agree with.
I read in some PM on MSN or in some blogs things such as "I loved you, should be cry in silence"
Well, maybe they think that at all but I know those people and they didn't consider MJ till the day before.
They can write whatever they want , but I call it " incoherence "
But I don't care, I was just talking.

Well MJ, RIP...we'll always think of you (:

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