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Hey! My name is Nida some of you may know my name bacause of my page and if your on my friends now here's a little bit about have brown hair and brown favorite colour is red , black and white and silver..umm...yea there's more but i can't really think of other colours because I have alot to say ..soo yea and btw if your one of those people who are reading my blog and that are picky about colours well sorry about that here just to make you happy i meant to say my favorite "COLOUR" is red and my "SHADES" are balck and white it's alright ..umm.. my favorite books i don't really have any cause i am not much of a reader lol.. but i do love" some" books that i enjoy reading but that's kinda rare was a book that i read and i found that it was good the book was called the "Boyfriend" by R.Lstine..yea if any of you guys don't like R.L stine well yea ..ok...I read it and it's pretty good i usually love scary books like haunting stuff or something that's really scary or something that's based on true stories and stuff..well there you go that's about everything on my favorite books and now i'm going tell you about my favorite songs and stuff ..well i don't really have any favorite songs or albums or artist other than the one and only Tokio Hotel yea soo that was easy guess i do have a favorite but don't know how long it will last hopefully forever but not everything is forever sometimes yea but that's rare and I like some other songs by other artist like lady ga ga's just dance , poker face and love game and Beyonce's song Halo..omg that song is yea so on again i have alot of songs i can go on about but i have alot more to say and yea i know i really do write alot cause i talk alot but i don't mind but obviously everyone would mind if someone told a person who talks alot to shut up or stop talking in a very offensive yea soo ok well that's pretty much it anyway i'll write more about my personality the next time i visit this page again!!!!!!!!

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