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Hi im sabrina from ireland, i am married to my childhood sweetheart anthony nearly 10 yrs, we have 4 children, claudia 11. dylan 8, ava 3, and ella rose is 1. im addicted to new kids on the block, im a devoted joey girl, yet i do think the other 4 are soooooo hot, they each have grown into fine men. iv only seen them once which is a shame, when they were out i was only 8 and i was delighted they reformed cause it gave me that chance to see them again in my 30s. my only wish is for them to come back to ireland again as iv put xmas presents and birthday presents aside till they come back and my family can get me the v.i.p tickets i long to crave. i need facetime with joey mac but even if that didnt happen just to see them one more time would be more than enough. thank you for taking the time in reading this. i am a blockhead till the day i die even though i may come bk and haunt them lmao, a true braveheart. LETS GET THIS !!!!!!

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