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Bill Kaulitz 

You can't dry my salty tears on my cheeks, 
But I know that you're here. 
You can't hush me when I'm screaming, 
But I can hear your soothing voice in my head. 
You can't see my smile on my lips, 
But I know you wear the exact same smile on your lips. 
You can't comfort me and tell me things are gonna get better, 
But your songs can. 
You can't be here if I get hurt or barely can breathe, 
But I know I will take my last breath for you, 
Just to tell you I love you. 

Please don't stop smiling. 
Because I can't smile if you're not smiling with me. 
Please don't stop singing, 
Who else will tell me that things will get better in time? 
Please don't get hurt, 
Because if you get hurt, I will get hurt. 
Please don't stop breathing, 
Because you are the air I'm breathing right now. 

You are, 

You are so far away, 
But you will stay in my heart forever. 

Together, forever.


© Billie von Wolfmann

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