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A song I wrote that will soon turn into elevator music!!!!

Last Time
By: “Selena”

Every time this happens
You always lie about it
I’ve fallen for it twice
I don’t need to do it again
I have learned all my lessons
I know all for your tricks
You think I don’t know what you did
But sadly I do

This is the last time I’m gonna say this
I can’t stand you anymore
I need to get away from here
As far away from you as possible
But before you slam the door
I’m gonna…

Verse 2:
Say to you a couple things that you did
This way I can clear your mind
And get you focusing on the problem
That we seem to be having

Verse 3:
One of the things that you did
Is that you are using me
And I’m sick and tired of it
Another is that you cheated on me one too many times
And finally is that you stole my heart
Which is now in your procession
And I can’t seem to love anybody else
But you

Solo: Bass and Guitar 15 sec.
Verse 4:
I hope you understand this
Because I’m not repeating myself
Especially for someone like you
For everything that I’m to blame
I’m sure I apologized
But just be sure that you mastered this simple concept
I’ll repeat it one more time

Chorus and Verses 2-3 repeat

But before you slam the door
I’m gonna say to you… Goodbye!

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Comment by Ebony Thompson on December 26, 2010 at 6:35am

wow! thats awesome :) i love it loads-could you put it on yutube or something with you singing it (if u do can i have a link?) love it :D xxxx


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