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            I just want to get this off my chest before I forget anything.

So today I saw one of my biggest inspirations musically ever: Ellie Goulding. My love for Ellie I’d say has stemmed back to the end of last year when I first discovered her. Well really before that because I heard her and Erik Hassle’s cover of “Be Mine” but didn’t really know who she was. The first song I heard of hers was “The End” which is a beautiful but tragic song which made me love her even more because if you don’t know me I love a good tragic song. An emotional song I feel connects and leaves more of an impression on a person than anything else. Then of course I saw the video for “Starry Eyed” and fell madly in love with her..but not in the creepy sort of way. And to top it off she was British so I was like ‘okay, this girl is my idol’. ANYWAYS I’d say my need to go to an EG concert began when I saw her perform at Coachella. Being the underaged teenager that I am I  was forced to watch her performance via youtube stream, but there was something so magical and lively about her presence on stage that transferred to me all the way from about 100 miles away. (She was in Coachella, CA and I was in Los Angeles. If you didn’t know that’s where I’m from). I made it my mission to find tickets to her show the next time she was in town. And this time that is exactly what I did.

            Fast forward to today (August 11th  which just happens to be the eve of my birthday) and me as well as my classmate Rose were standing in line waiting for the doors to the Wiltern to open. We’d been planning to go ever since before school got out in June and when we finally ordered our ticket in July we were counting the weeks and then finally the days. As we stood outside waiting for Ellie our excitement mounted. (Not to mention we heard some interesting conversations) The doors finally opened and we quickly found our seats. About an hour later Ellie’s opening act Bag Raiders came on. I was ecstatic when I heard they were touring with her because I absolutely love them. I first stumbled across their song “Sunlight” thanks to Urban Outfitters’s Music Mondays and was excited to see them play it live. They definitely did it justice. They performed for about 30 minutes then went back off stage. We waited, and waited, and waited some more and finally the seats were filled, the lights were dimmed, the band walked on, and then so did Ellie.

            She started off with “Under the Sheets”—a personal favorite of mine—and it was from that moment on that I did not sit down. Even though she was still a bit under the weather her stage presence was as lively as ever! She did several of my favorites including, “Little Dreams”, “This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)”, “Salt Skin” (which made me M O V E) “The Writer”, “Your Song”, “Guns and Horses” and of course everyone’s favorites “Lights” and “Starry Eyed”. The whole venue was jamming out by the end and it was as if everyone was one. It reminded me of the Robyn concert I went to last year. I was sad when it was finally over. But it was definitely a show I do not regret going to even if we weren’t in the pit. ;)

            To say Ellie is anything short of extraordinary would be an understatement; I absolutely adore her. When it comes to her music she is so honest and authentic and pure that I love listening to her. And she is definitely an inspiration to me it was great to see her in person because it helped me believe once again that: anything is possible. To go from playing the Roxy less than a year ago to now playing a sold out 2000 seat theater is really something great and from here I can only see the future getting brighter for her Stateside. I hope to see many great things from Ellie in the future and one day I hope that I will get to meet her and thank her for all the confidence she’s given me. All in all tonight was a great night, I even got to meet some new rec’ers! :D This was a great way to kick off my birthday and is definitely one for the books.


P.S I just have to say the Cherrytree staff is awesome. Shout out to Scott for getting Rose and me some Starry Eyed glasses!! I’ve wanted some ever since Coachella! :D

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