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7 Reasons Why t.A.T.u. Should Come Back

1.- The Best Of Their Country


On the 2000's Decade, t.A.T.u. Became the most successful Russian Group of all time.

Selling over 12 Million copies Wolrdwide from their Debut  Album “200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane”. From USA, Mexico, Argentina, UK, Russia & Japan. The best of the best From Russia was now Caviar, Vodka & t.A.T.u.



2.- They Know How To Perform On Stage


t.A.T.u. Shows were unforgettable, They perform in front of 100 000 people from  Russia to Japan.

Remember MTV Movie Awards 2003?


If you guys think that MTV performance was a little bit to scandalous, you guys should see what the girls did in their country: The “Bomba Goda Concert” more than 100 Million people saw that Epic show Live On TV,  50 000 people attend the show LIVE. Part of the show was banned on TV because was just to explicit. t.A.T.u. Was returning to Moscow after their World-Wide Success.

3.- Smoking Hot!

t.A.T.u. Its Like Wine: The more they Aged, The Better They Get!

Remember the catholic school outfits? The girls were no more than 17 years old, If you  think they were hot,

They look way better now!

The performance on “The Voice” Romany showed up how the girls have aged over this 10 Years, Hot Brunet Julia Volkova and Sexy Redhead Lena Katina Hit it on stage performing live. It looks like they don’t need to kiss on stage to be hot, with their look its enough.


4.-  They Know How To Create Controversy


t.A.T.u. Was the very first duo in all music history to have  a Gay kiss in a music video, this became world-wide  controversy. Also they’re videos “Not Gonna Get Us” and “30 Minutes” were banned in some countries because was just “To Much”.

On every performance they kissed in the middle of the song “All The Things She Said”, this opened the doors on music industry for “Gay Friendly” bands all over the world.


5.- Got Talent?


The fans and media were skeptical  about the returning of t.A.T.u. On 2005 with their 2nd studio album “Dangerous and Moving”, everyone thought “2 young lesbians, ok!, 2 Old Lesvians, Not Ok!”

With their worldwide hits “All About Us” “Friend Or Foe” and “Gomenasai” they sold over 3 million copies worldwide, and had a Extended promo tour, much more longer than their Concerts Tour. They visit over 17 countries and attend to more than 2 million people with their “Dangerous and Moving”

The lyrics and videos were more complex about feelings and love, but the fans got the idea right away, because they grow with t.A.T.u., since the very first Album.



6.-  The Most Crazy Fans EVER


Little Monsters? Belibers? Really?

t.A.T.u. Have the Best Fans Ever! .

They were waiting for days for the girls to show up on concerts, hotels and airports, chasing the girls on their apartments, press and signing autographs sessions completely crowded.

There was an incident in Mexico, that t.A.T.u. Got stuck in the middle of the 3000 fan crowd that attend a signing session on a mall. The Girls got into the crowd and security officers almost doesn’t save them!

Also there’s allot of loyal fans that have made Tattoos into their body of the logo of the duo or the girl's Faces. Wanna Try them?

Up To date the fans are waiting for the girls to reunite on a worldwide tour from USA To Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Without mention Europe & Asia.

The Estimated Loyal fans from t.A.T.u. Are estimated up to 2.5 Millions All over The world.


7.- We Want t.A.T.u. To Come Back, And Thats It!


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