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Some information is a bit old ... but still useful!^_^

1. Gustav Schäfer is the drummer of the German group Tokio Hotel. The nickname of the boy Juschtel. He plays the drums since he was four years.

2. The musician was born on 8 September 1988, in the German city of Magdeburg, where still resides. As Tom and Bill is the sign of the virgin.

3. Gustav has a sister named Franciska. Her sister was one of her biggest fan.

4. Unlike the twins, a Gustav does not like tattoos and piercings. What has most to heart are his chopsticks

5. In his spare time - which says very little - the drummer practice BTT (cycling) and skate.

6. The musician has to prefer the band Metallica, the Skipknot, KoRn, Foo Fighters and System Of A Down and his favorite songs are BYOB of System Of A Down, Sword of Glory of Motörhead and Hero of Nickelback. Do you know who is your idol? Who is it? E 'Lars Ulrich, drummer of Metallica Danish.

7. Clearly, then, the boy is a fan dell'heavy tends to rock and metal. The first CD you bought Gustav was the fifth album of Metallica, Metallica, also known as the Black Album (Black Album).

8. This guy is lucky! The first time he witnessed a concert was a festival where she attended several performances by major artists. Among these names as Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart and others.

9. Like the other members of the TH, when the drummer were still studying the matter that hated and that the other liked. Gustav fled on foot from two classes of physics and German, but liked enough physical education and economics.

10. Gustav is a pretty selfless. The greatest desire is that the drummer stops be hunger in the world and that everyone has a last meal as it should be.

11. Being a pop star does not just have to sing, play and make speeches. It 'much more than that! This is work hard between creation, promotions, interviews and travel ... Gustav, like other members of the TH, which like most of his work is play live. Makes him very happy are the huge adrenaline and the immediate response from the fans.

12. Can you say what is the best concert in which he assisted Gustav? Up, it's easy! That of Metallica, the Waldbuehne Berlin, June 6 2006. The drummer considers unparalleled!

13. As for food, there is no discussion: the four companions go crazy for fast food. Gustav would like a quick meal every day, but his favorite dish is the kartoffelgratin (potato gratin). You know that the boy of cooking really tasty lasagna? How to drink, to Gustav like chocolate milkshakes. (Yummi! *çççç*)

14. The baseball caps and T-shirts with the names of her favorite groups - such as Metallica and Slipknot - is what characterizes the image of the drummer of TH. The preferred color is red.

15. Gustav is the top 1.70 m. Of his body like the arms. What energy, given the strength that takes in playing the drums ... It is not easy!

16. Of the four elements of the band, the drummer is the only one who does not smoke nor drink.

17. What is self-describes the boy? It is considered one of few words, immature, small, friendly, confidential and very cheerful.

18. A girl who leaves Gustav blow is Nadine Coyle, a member of female group Girls Aloud, a group that was founded by British television Popstar contest.

19. Gustav has a cat called Bruno and about 30 fish species of the black molly.

20. The boy has always wanted to be a drummer. Small when he dreamed of becoming a fireman. Luckily that has changed my mind!

21. Gustav has a great passion for the band. She loves to hear the screams of support for people who like the music of TH.

22. The drummer handle the money they earn. The musician said that not select anything at the moment, but should think about it before you buy something.

23. We could not believe it, but Gustav when he did a little dance course: it was part of a group of teens, but had no predisposition to do so. He would like to also try to do bungee jumping because it loves to feel the adrenaline.

24. Gustav is also a super-simple guy. Merely to have with him his MP3 and a good dose of humor.

25. The first kiss of the drummer was 12, 13 years, but has a good memory. What is certain is that he does not want to reveal the details! It was love for the first time in 13 years: she liked very much. And the first sexual relationship at 15 years ... and did not say more.

26. If you want to capture the heart of Gustav, we must give up the clothes and remove excessive make-up in excess. The drummer hates girls Barbie type. The ideal girl must be a good person and be German (Oops, your chances of winning are quite small!). For the child is indifferent to the size of the breast, provided it is blonde & hellip this leads many points!

27. Currently it is not love, but the debut of Tokio Hotel, Gustav had a girlfriend. Unfortunately , the distance and the time marked the end of the report

28th Tom and Bill have known each other for ever since the brothers are twins, but Georg and Gustav have known before you became part of Tokio Hotel. The two studied the same school of music. After a presentation of twins Kaulitz, Gustav, who was in the company of Georg, has known the boys since that day and the four no longer separate. The first band that formed was called Devilish and came to compose a disc, but without much success. The change of name to Tokio Hotel has a success that did not ever abandoned.

29th The songs that Gustav Tokio Hotel Schrei are preferred (especially when played live) on the first album the band Ich Aus Breche the album Zimmer 483. What are your?

30th The worst day of life of Gustav was when his grandmother, his cat and his fish are dead. All the deaths occurred the same day

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Comment by skittles89 on June 19, 2009 at 4:22pm
wow u really know alot about gusti im impressed


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