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25 facts about Natalia Kills by Natalia Kills

Hey all, Natalia posted these 25 facts about herself on twitter. You can follow her @NataliaKills on twitter.

Kills Fact 001: I am a sound based visual artist.

Kills Fact 002: I write my own songs and produce + direct my own visuals.

Kills Fact 003: I am signed to the best label in the world: Cherrytree/Interscope records

Kills Fact 004: I have a dog (girl) named Dracula. She's wild!

Kills Fact 005: When i grow up i want to be Mia Wallace.

Kills Fact 006: My song "Zombie" will be on my album, but i leaked it as an early gift to you, my Sweethearts!

Kills Fact 007: I was born in England. My parents are Jamaican and Uruguayan so i was raised all over. But i'm essentially British...

Kills Fact 008: I am mostly inspired by film and sound tracks. I love the drama...

Kills Fact 009: If i had to join forces, I'd like to collabo with Quentin Tarantino on a music video... i have the perfect songin mind!

Kills Fact 010: My album is dark pop... think Depeche Mode, Kate Bush and Prince era. Its not "dance music" but i'm sure you'll be dancing..

Kills Fact 011: My birthday is in August. i'm a Leo, watch out!

Kills Fact 012: When i started recording my album i wanted to work with producers that are more exclusive and less"Dance" focused...

Kills Fact 013: Ok, ok! Some of the talented producers on my record are Jeff Bhasker, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, Neff U, Akon and Fernando Garibay

Kills Fact 014: I'm hoping the official 1st single release is due around summer time.. followed by a post summer album release. No promises!

Kills Fact 015: My favorite mythical creature would have to be... vampire unicorns. NOT! Zombies, of course ;-)

Kills Fact 016: I live in Hollyweird. Oops... i meant Hollywood

Kills Fact 017: I LOVE shoes... i also love glasses and bags #typicalgirl but shoes in particular!

Kills Fact 018: My favorite colors are red and black

Kills Fact 019: I have a 1980 Pontiac Firebird...

Kills Fact 020: I'm not scared of heights or even spiders; I'm afraid of drunk people

throwing upon my shoes

Kills Fact 021: I grew up listening to Blink 182, Foo Fighters and Green Day (before the 'warning' album)

Kills Fact 022: I love the UK's Cadbury's chocolate fingers

Kills Fact 023: When i was a little girl i wanted to be a ninja turtle. If a little boy wanted to kiss me he had to fight me first!
Kills Fact 025: My favorite time of day is midnight. Is it odd to have a favorite hour?

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