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I deleted all my blog posts,and decided to only write if something special happens,or if i just feel like sharing some words;D It can be good stuff,and bad stuff.I guess nobody here bothers to read all kinds of blog posts anyways;D So here is a little update on special things that have happend in 2009.Nothing special have happend in 2010 yet;D

1. Good: Tokio Hotel announced they`re "Welcome To Humanoid City Tour 2010" They will be in Valhall,Oslo - Norway 3.March.Me and one of my best friends,Maria have already bought tickets for the consert,plane tickets and we have a place to say during the visit.We leave 2.March and go back home again the 4.March:D Im SO EXITED<3333

2. Bad: I lost two hamsters in a short while.Hamtaro and Tarzan.Hamtaro was old,and Tarzan just died.I really miss them:( </3

3. Good/bad: I got two new hamsters.Jane and Bill Kaulitz:) Jane was actually pregnant when she came,so a few days later she got 7 babies.That was cool,until she ate them all:/ I think she was to stressed.Ive also read that a hamsters first babies dies because they are to weak,or the mother is not strong enough to take care of them:/ Bill Kaulitz is a wild one.I dont think he`ll ever be tame,because he is so afraid.I can barly touch him.That sucks:/

Thats what i can remember.Eccept from this,2009 was really a crappy year for me of many reasons;D

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