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Omg, im in chok.
How can people "hate" Georg and Gustav from Tokio Hotel?
I really can't understand it, 'cause they write "I love Tokio Hotel" and then they write "i hate gustav and georg" and then the reason comes up "They are not pretty".
- When i started to be Tokio Hotel fan, i also didn't liked Georg and Gustav, i thought they weren't my dream, and what ever, but now i know better, 'cause you can't be in love with a band, and say that you love the band, if you don't like them all?
Its so stupid, that peoples, close there eyes, for something "new" and "weird" and then doesn't trying to find out who they am. Maybe when you read something about them, you would like them?
But thats not my buisness, to make people falling in love with them.
I just wanna show people, that they can't see themself as a Tokio Hotel fan, when they dont like them all.
Who is saying that you have to be in love with them all?
Nobody, says that.
But why come up with the word "hate"?
They haven't done you anything? They are normal guys, with a life.. Just like you?
I Think peoples, who is writing that type, of "info" is stupid, they are still six years old, and think the band, would excist, if Georg and Gustav didn't was there. If they didn't was there, then Tokio Hotel didn't excist.
Take it like a gift?
THEY are also, a part of the band, and they also need to be supported.
The twins, would be nothing if Georg and Gustav wasn't there.

Think about it, and comment (:

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Comment by » frederikke d; on November 4, 2009 at 10:17am
Thank you for your comment, im glad to know, that its not only me, who think its stupid to "hate" Gustav an Georg (:
Comment by Angela Kelder on November 4, 2009 at 6:33am
I agree with you.. I mean, if you love the band, you also have to support Georg and Gustav!.. and not only Bill and Tom.. you cannot love he band only for Bill and Tom..oke,, not anyone have to love Georg and Gustav,, but they are also Tokio Hotel!.. If you love the band,, Don't say that you hate Georg and Gustav,,
When you say "I hate Georg and Gustav",, then you don't be a really Tokio Hotel Fann!
so that's why I agree with your Blog :D


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