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2010 Tokio Hotel Fans World Wide Info!

Hello, I am Sonia, a Tokio Hotel Fan reporter online! (THFRO)
From what the interveiw said, Tokio Hotel have many tours in France, which will be good in a way, but not good enough cause, the US fans want lots of tours here and there, and same with the canadians, it would be real amazing if they went to Uruguay, South America for once. Or even Manitoba, Canada rather then Toronto. They are still talking about the tour dates in the US and maybe even Canada. Also on the tour, they will be having someone else with them! They are still talking about who to bring along though. So we'll update you Tokio Hotel Fans when there out officially! Time to change subjects, On Monday, Oct.19,2009, Tokio Hotel will be appearing on MTV but we are not exactly sure on the time, From what it said that it will be on at 6:00pm. So watch! There are also many new contests coming out soon, so be on the look out for new Tokio Hotel contests! Tokio Hotel will be signing CD's at New York and L.A! NOTICE: It is also space limited, so you better be the first in line! I will now search up the dates/times for the signing sessions........................................................slowly, keep on looking at the dots................................................................ Okay, here they are!

Tuesday, October 20th at 6pm
BEST BUY 622 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
(Pass distribution begins on 10/20 at 10am at Broadway )

Thursday, October 22nd at 7pm
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608
(Pass distribution begins on 10/16 at 10am at Citywalk, Burbank, Hollywood & Highland locations)

There you go! There is also a TH contest! Tokio Hotel want to see how much talent the fans have for them!!! YOU can get passes to Tokio Hotel on MTV in NYC! All you have to do is ... Phone TH at (323)-767-8310 and tell them why YOU should be able to go, a lucky fan will win a pair of VIP passes to be a part of the studio audience! You have to be living around the New York area though. The ages for this MTV Live show contest are 15-25 years of age. And if your lucky enough, TH will phone you back! (Charges may apply for long distance calls) But if you have free long distance, it won't apply!

. Well that's all I have for tonight, I will blog more info next week. Gotta get my butt to bed now. -Yawns- Chau people! Dream of TH forever now!

Motto of the day: Stand up if you give a Damn! -Noise-
Yours truly; Sonia (THFRO)

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Comment by bluewaterboy on October 24, 2009 at 4:59pm
sonia, maybe you know this. i cannot get an answer from anyone including mtv.they are saying that mtv will be broadcasting that unbelievable show from mtv day 2009 athens,greece on oct.30. i cannot see it in a schedule anywhere and dont know if they mean here in us or where. can you enlighten?thanks++++++
Comment by Sonia Marie on October 16, 2009 at 11:10am
well, phone them on that number above and leave a voice mail message saying "COME TO AUSTRALIA!!" =D lol
Comment by xoxo_Kaulitz_Bieber_xoxo on October 15, 2009 at 9:40pm
thanx for the info but i really want them to come to australia!!!! lolz


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