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10 Years in the Wrong Lane - An Interview with t.A.T.u. by MuuMuse

When t.A.T.u burst into the American pop scene back in 2002, their dark, brooding dance-pop gems like “All The Things She Said” provided a sharp contrast to what was then a largely R&B-dominated pop landscape. That, and their Sapphic lyricism and controversial on-stage antics (the MTV Movie Awards performance predated the iconic Britney/Madonna/Christina trifecta kiss at the 2003 VMA’s by a few months), which inspired both delight and outrage alike.

10 years later, as Top 40 radio in America has moved away from R&B and become increasingly saturated with Euro-infused club-pop anthems, t.A.T.u’s musical legacy has never felt quite so relevant. And perhaps even more important than their music, their message: Across the world, tension continues to mount in t.A.T.u’s homeland, where leaders have only shown themselves to be increasingly intolerant of LGBT equality in their policies, including a recent ban of pro-LGBT speech in St. Petersburg.

That the group managed to find worldwide popularity a decade prior now seems nothing less than revolutionary.

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Comment by pug!e on November 8, 2012 at 10:15am

I can not wait I want to get my hands I'm from Mexico will wait anxiously the arrival of the disc to my country this is great news for all big fan too for good music ...
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