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William's Daily La Blog 32 - 6th and 7th July 2010

I've decided to put both these days into 1 blog post because..well..I really didn't get up to anything THAT interesting.

I mean, yeah, I had a great time, but nothing that anyone else would really find that fun...bathroom cleaning, clothes washing etc. Its the kind of preparation that just HAS to be done before you go away for a long period of time.

These blogs will be more exciting from NOW! We are busy from now you see!

I'm currently on a plane to Portugal for… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 31 - 5th July 2010

Another day off...another day shopping!

I got a J.Lindeberg trench and Nicole Fahri for SO cheap! The Selfridges sale is dangerous when you have days off.

My girlfriend and I then went and met my Dad, my Grandpa, my auntie, and her boyfriend (David Warner from the Omen and Titanic!) I didn't even know he did those films?! Crazy.

We went on afterwards to go BOWLING! Its been so long, and you could tell. My friend Peter has been tour managing 3oh3 and has done a… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 30 - 4th July 2010


We arrived at John Henry's (rehearsal room) at like 1pm to set up some of our other equipment to make sure it all worked as we have a festival in Portugal one day, and one in Scotland the day after, so 1 set needs to go to one, and one to the other. This took most the day for the poor crew and a little bit for me.

I had a few hours off so I went to Wireless festival in Hyde Park. I can easily say it is the most threatened I have EVER felt at a festival! Even the… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 29 - 3rd July 2010

So todays festival looked like a village fate as we rolled in on the bus. We all looked out of the window of the back lounge and "awww"ed at it. It's funny how after a year of touring we found ourselves awwing at a festival that must have held 15,000 people per stage!!

The setting was beautiful. A big old stereotypical french house held all of the dressing rooms in. Each of which would have made a dream flat. The food was stereotypical french food - cheeses, wines, (and nothing for… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 28 - 2nd July 2010

Well that show didn't turn out as well as I thought!

The boiling texas-esque sunshine turned into some tropical monsoon! The stage flooded and everything got pushed back.

Mid set we have to come off, move all our equipment to the back of the stage and carry on as we were getting soaked. To be honest, the rain was welcomed as it was so clammy.

I'm in Caen now, in the quaintest little festival in the world. We've got a few friends here today and you couldn't ask… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 27 - 1st July 2010

Pinch punch first of the month!

We played at Werchter Festival last night in Belgium, and I can honestly say that it was one of our finest shows! Our favourite show from the year before was also in Belgium..the Belgums, Belgians? are bananas!

We stayed to watch Muse on the mainstage. I know they always win "Best Live Act" but I wondered, "Did people just vote for them just because they always win it?" - but no, they really are one of the best live bands I have seen.… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 26 - 30th June 2010

We're on route to Belgium. Back on the festival runs which should be fun.

We've just driven past my house on the bus. It's always been a dream of mine to get picked up by a tourbus outside of your COULD have been the day!

Before bus call, I went to the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch to see some hardcore bands. I had to leave before the headliners "Throats" but could the band "Last Witness" who I had never heard before, and they KILLED it! So so heavy, and tight… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 25 - 29 June 2010

I'm in another club?! HOW did this happen?! For a guy that doesn't drink, I go out a lot. There's only so much tap water one can drink..I reckon I have saved about £10,000 on drinking water in night clubs as opposed to booze.

Tonight, its White Heat, at Madame Jo Jos. My flat mate and I are on match making duty. I thought it was going well, but as I write this, a friend of mine (who I paired up with my best friend) has come back and after them flirting all night saying he's "not her… Continue

Added by La Roux on June 29, 2010 at 4:00pm — No Comments

William's Daily La Blog 24 - 28th June 2010

A much needed chill day today. Didn't leave my sofa, except for coming to the club my flatmate works in (which is where I am now)

Why am I writing my blog when I should be partying hard? Well, I don't drink, so there's not really much you can do!

I'm faced with a situation. My ex girlfriend is here who owes me £ friends are telling me I should go and say hello, shake her hand, and when she shakes back, grab her hand and drag her to the nearest cash point..too… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 23 - 27th June 2010

It was a sad day for England today with the football. The Germany /England football features have been huge since 1966 and apart from that day, we always seem to fail.

The day today was all about that. Oh, and sitting in the park. I came back to Hyde Park to finish up at Hard Rock Calling, though I've been asleep for hours on a bean bag in the sunshine. Tough Sunday really..

Off to go and see Paul McCartney play in a minute. I've not seen any bands today, but my dad would… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 22 - 26th June 2010

I got back from Glastonbury VERY late last night and barely slept from adrenaline (that, a drunken loud flatmate and a cat who scratches my door all night)

Today has all been about Hard Rock Calling, a festival in Hyde Park. For once, it wasn't for work, well, for me, my girlfriend was DJ'ing the tent for her work, but it meant we got wristbands for the weekend! I'm all about the headliners. Jamiroqui AND Stevie Wonder!

"Deeper Underground" was one of the first singles I bought,… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 21 - 25th June 2010

So we played Glastonbury. On the second biggest stage. Just after Phoenix. WHAT?!?!

It was as great as I had always imagined it to be, and at my favourite time of day at a festival, as the evening is drawing in, but the sun is out enough to still wear your shades on stage!!

We had a set of gold palm trees,our usual set, and a few more people to help us out, including 4 amazing dancers, 3 steel pan players, 2 turtle doves and Glen Gregory from Heaven 17. He came on and sang… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog - 24th June 2010

Todays blog is all about Spark aka Jess Morgan.

I went to see her play at the Macbeth in East London tonight after seeing her supporting Marina and the Diamonds the other week, and she absolutely blew me away.

She has the sweetest voice, almost like a sweet teenage non haggard Amy Winehouse? Actually that's probably a really bad comparison, but never mind.

Every song could be a Top 10 in the UK, especially this tune called "Scream". Check her out… Continue

Added by La Roux on June 24, 2010 at 11:30pm — 1 Comment

La Roux's Big Break - Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Magazine

Added by La Roux on June 24, 2010 at 12:33pm — No Comments

William's Daily La Blog 19 - 23rd June 2010

I woke up this morning missing a lot of my friends from back up north, so I got on a train, and 5 hours later, we were prepping the BBQ in their back garden!

England won their world cup match today, and the whole country had amazing weather, so the atmosphere over here is buzzing. I for one have had a great day back up in Nottingham in the house I was planning on moving into before I moved to London.

I'm going to get up early and go see my parents tomorrow, then back down… Continue

Added by La Roux on June 23, 2010 at 4:26pm — 1 Comment

William's Daily La Blog 18 - 22nd June 2010

So I can't really go into much detail about what we did today. We were rehearsing for Glastonbury and we had some people pop in to lend us a hand...I'm not mentioning anymore as I want it to be a surprise!

The weather was great though, and lovely Yamaha sent us some more drums which always makes it a good day. Jamiroqui were next door today and Mark Ronson was downstairs. An all star rehearsal space today.

To be perfectly honest, the most exciting part of my day was the… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 17 - 21st June 2010

Travel days. How exciting.

Its taken us about 12 hours to get back from Southside Festival, but I'm now in a cab back to my house.

I watched a documentary about the band behind the majority of Mo Town recordings. Such talented musicians, but very sad to see how badly they were ripped off..

The highlight of the trip back was on the ferry earlier. In England we had a kids TV show called Rainbow with big stuffed animals as the main characters, and a presenter… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 16 - 20th June 2010

I feel a bit like Boy Meets World writing these blogs. I hear myself say them in the same way he narrates the show..the girl in that was really cute, I wonder what she looks like now?

Anyway we just finished playing at Southside Festival in Germany. Supposedly it had rained since Wednesday morning so the site was so covered in mud, cars getting dragged out of the car park by tractors and all! For a crowd to still have that much enthusiasm after being p*ssed on for 5 days, is quite… Continue

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William's Daily La Blog 15 - 19th June 2010

So I'm stood side stage at Hurricane Festival in Germany watching a band who all have animal masks on, all wearing different coloured tuxedo s. Sounds weird already right? That not to mention the male and female clowns doing interprative dance next to them...oh, and the mime artists...Germans.

Someone decided it would be a great idea to put us on at 1am today...1am! Come on, what are you supposed to do at a cold, rainy festival from 7pm till 1am?! I'm more sensitive now then I was… Continue

Added by La Roux on June 19, 2010 at 2:35pm — No Comments

William's Daily La Blog 14 - 18th June 2010

The World Cup. What an odd thing it is.

In England, everyone puts up their flags, paints their faces and gets overly patriotic, but sadly, this comes hand in hand with people becoming massive drunk, lairy idiots.

I tend to not go out a huge amount when I get off tour, mostly because we don't ever get to be at home when we are working, but my girlfriend and I decided to go to "The Flowerpot" in Camden to watch the England match. 5 minutes in, a group of 'lairy lads' started… Continue

Added by La Roux on June 18, 2010 at 11:30am — No Comments


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