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Catching up with Lalaberry

Well good morning, good afternoon or good evening to where ever you are :)

My name is Lalaberry to most of you, but to others I am Vanessa. Newfoundland girl, Lupercal's beloved and Lorgar's little sis.

Allot has happened since I last wrote here, so bare with me,

A year ago this place was my home, it was my reason to look forwards to after school and my reason to wake up everyday in the now summer time and chat away and twitter away happily with…


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Chapter Three Camp Cherrytree ::) Welcome back

The road to camp was long but I didn't mind it.

It was warm with no head winds as driving was nice. The morning was clear and it felt as if all of LA was out to welcome me back to my possibly future home.

"So how were your flights girls?" Dean asked as his accent flaring majorly as he was the Englishman on the staff and he was quite proud of it.

"Mine was long but nice, I had a window seat so the view was beyond anything I have ever seen.But the…


Added by Lalaberry:) on April 19, 2010 at 8:49am — 3 Comments

Camp Cherrytre Chapter Two Arrivals :)

Chapter Two - Arrivals.

Walking off the plane I felt the warm glow of the Californian sun it was beautiful out and it felt like I was finally home. Though it was nine in the morning and most of the city was sleeping. It still felt nice to be…


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Camp Cherrytree Part One :)

It all started five years ago when a man had a dream and it soon became a international success story. But only a year ago did this success story bring a special group of people together in a place they would love forever. This is their story of their summer. A summer of magic and music. A summer at…


Added by Lalaberry:) on April 11, 2010 at 5:46pm — 2 Comments

Why Big Bro Logan Is My Hero xD

Hallo :)

OKay so its been a while since i blogged,, but i got some time and a joke in mind so here we go xD

Last night I was on haunting echoes for a bit talking to my best guy friend / older brother type guy Logan.

Someone gave me a hard time to a point I lashed out at the guy and left the chat server vowing to never return again.

The thing is, its all a…


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Vanessa And Chelsea Part One XD

Vanessa: OKay so this girl,, she basically lives here at my house.. spends allot of time hanging with me and . yah she is my best friend.. so cherry tree my beloved home this is Chelsea XD

Chelsea: Of course I'm at your house a lot :D If it wasn't for you I think I'd always be bored out of my mind. I love how you always need a problem fixed or advice given to you, cause that's what I'm best at. We've been besties since we were fetuses pretty much haha!

Vanessa: Haahaha soo… Continue

Added by Lalaberry:) on December 10, 2009 at 4:16pm — No Comments


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