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My Trip

So I left on June 17 to Pennsylvania and went to the airport and checked in. We had to make a stop in Atlanta before we go to Pennsylvania. The problem was once we got to the airport (In a HUGE rush) we found out that our flight had been delayed. To make matters worse once we got on the plane, before taking off they plane people realized there was a fuel problem thus leaving us on the runway for another 2 hours. I HATE planes but I LOVE to travel. After getting off in Atlanta we had to rush to… Continue

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Hey everyone! Kay, so waffle came over yesterday and once again we were very unproductive lol we just sat around playing her guitar and singing song [mostly Tokio Hotel ;) ] Oh and we had to go to the dentist and get my tooth extracted. Throughout the whole thing I had Shrei on repeat. Afterwards my lip was numb and I wasn't allowed to eat for 2 HOURS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! HOW CAN SOMEONE TAKE AWAY MY FOOD!? I was only allowed to eat ramen. Today was a different story. Waffle and I went to the… Continue

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Yesterday my best friend who's like a sister to me Alysha (a.k.a Waffle) and I went to watch the movie Shrek Forever After in 3D. We think the movie was hilarious. There's a part where Donkey says to Puss "you're a cat-astrophe" and Puss says "Well you're ridonkulous". After the movie we went to D&B (For those of you who don't know what that is, it's Dave and Buster's) we had food to eat and Alysha and I really wanted to go play games but Uncle Norm wanted desert. He was trying to decide… Continue

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YAY! IT'S FINALLY SUMMER! I got out on Thursday. That day I cried more than I ever did in my life. Why? Because A lot of my friends are leaving our school and my best friend in the whole wide world that's like my long lost sister Waffle a.k.a Alysha is moving to Michigan. We said that we'd definitely keep in touch. I am really going to miss her and she's leaving on June 4. The day right after that I went to a going away party for one my friends who just graduated from College. EVERYONE'S… Continue

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Okay so usually I don't get nervous and right now I am not too nervous just excited but I am slightly nervous. Tomorrow's the day of the pageant I am in. I am like SUPER psyched! I can't wait to see what happens. I'll definitely post the details of tomorrow :)

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Ha ha so here's how it went. My grade had a banquet at the outrigger and it was so much fun. I got to sit next to all of my friends. We played this game where there was a baby picture on the screen and they said what the person would likely become and you had to guess who the baby picture was a picture of. I loved Sara's "likely to become" it was "most likely to marry Tom Kaulitz!" it was HILARIOUS! my friends and i were all screaming and laughing. The look on her face was priceless. Mine was a… Continue

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! there is so much going on. I think I might explode. I am still a little off with my friends, but we are on better terms now. I still need to find FOUR more dresses for the pageant I am in. I am still keeping up my music and today is Hippie Day at school so I dressed more boho rather than hippie. Anyways, there has been so much stress. To much to think about, to much to do, in so very little time. I just wish I could escape or someone would take me away to Europe or… Continue

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So I am like totally happy yet bummed right now. I was recently in my school play called Metamorpheses. It was about a bunch of Greek mythology mixed in to one play. I had so much fun but yesterday was our last show. I am happy I won't have late night practices but I will also miss all the fun and acting that we got to so. WAAAH! oh well, I am focusing on school now and of course my career. Everyone knows I want to become a singer. I finished writting one song already and a few others but now I… Continue

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Okay so here's the deal. There is so much drama going on, even though I don't want it. Our little group is having troubles but I mean I love them with all of my heart, but there is the wall that separates us. I don't want this to end up bad. UGH! FML! Well if anyone has advice please help me! no, RESCUE ME!

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Rant Rant Rant...

So, I was at my voice lessons as usual and I sang "World Behind My Wall" for my teacher, and of course he was happy. After that we had a discussion on life and all. Music is my LIFE. I can not live without it. That's why my ipod (Billa) is so important to me. I get a beautiful feeling when I sing. I make people smile, which in return makes me smile. I love that feeling so much. I forget all my worries and as the music plays my problems all seem to fade away.

I am a human being and I… Continue

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That was a very hectic day yesterday. I wake up and it's a perfectly

normal day. I am sitting there eating my pancakes and then I hear

theses sirens going off and the first thing I think is "OH NO THE WORLD

IS GOING TO END!" and I hide under the table, It totally caught me off guard. The highways were closed and everything. It was only 1ft you couldn't even tell which were the normal waves and the tsunami waves. Well at least I got a chance to go to Yogurtland with Alyhsa, Amit,… Continue

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