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Myra.kaulitz's Blog – July 2009 Archive (7)

1 more month to exam:((

so more month to my semester exam:(( we havent even got back our common test results and we alrd got our exam timetable-.- hais. whywhywhy??? hate exams!!

this fri all our projects are due! microbioA, phsical chemistry, IPCT and communication skills.. why everything due on this wk? we've only just started out phsical chem, CS and microA. my IPCT i have not even started yet all bcus of Gurinder! she dont even want to start and end it early!! hate her man!

Added by myra.kaulitz on July 26, 2009 at 6:47pm — No Comments

saded & saded..

recently i ordered a tokio hotel has been 2 weeks alrd and ive not received yet-.- d seller kept assuring me that its on transit but its taking so long.. i hope its not lost and i'll receive it soon(:

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whee! i managed to get d Boys Over Flowers posters!! so happy!! i was one hour early but d place was alrd so packed! but i managed to squeeze my way in..haha. and i got d 250th poster which is d last one! haha. so lucky man! (:

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comment section added on Tom's Blog!

woohoo! comment sect is added in Tom's blog alrd! whee!

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getting BOYS OVER FLOWERS posters!!

yeah! im getting Boys Over Flowers posters laer at J8! cant wait! there's only 250 posters to be given away! im going down super early so that i can get it! HAHA! hope that im early enough(= hahaha.

Added by myra.kaulitz on July 10, 2009 at 7:34pm — No Comments

can't wait for TH upcoming tour!

haha.its hol for me today cus ive no papers(: yeah!

saw tom's blog. d vid he posted is so funny.hahaha
andand i can't wait for their upcoming concerts! really really hope that they can have a concert in singapore!
once a comment sect is included in tom's blog, il plead him to have a concert in singapore;D


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SHOPPING at FarEast!

whee! after a super tough week having tests..finally its d last paper! had maths today, it was damn HARD!! d lecturer told us that it would all be MCQ, and it will be easy. and d paper was super hard! there were 6qns but we only had to do 5. and each qns was 20marks! all we were given was 1-hour (that was not enough). but i still managed to complete. d fun thing was after d test, some guys were so blur that they did all 6 qns! and they were shouting and screaming about saying they did all d qns… Continue

Added by myra.kaulitz on July 9, 2009 at 1:25am — No Comments


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