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Robyn on NME's Cool List

15. Robyn. She’s a super-driven fembot who’s already churned out 10 heartbreak-on-the-dancefloor melancholy pop masterpieces before most of her rivals have even crawled out of bed.

Check it out on

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Listen to the Radio Edit of 'Indestructible' on Pitchfork

On Body Talk Pt. 2, Robyn's "Indestructible" appeared as a string-laden ballad-- and now we get the new club-ready version, courtesy of her Twitter. Check it out above. The "Indestructible" single is due out in the UK on November 22 and Scandinavia November 17.

The updated version of the song is reportedly to be included on Robyn's forthcoming Body Talk Pt. 3, which features five tracks from parts one and two along with five more new ones. According to Digital Spy, Pt. 3 gets a…


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'Fembot' to be featured on CSI:Miami this Sunday



Will be featured this Sunday on

CSI: Miami (CBS 10/9c)

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Robyn on the cover of GayCalgary Magazine

GayCalgary: How will the rest of Body Talk compare to the first disc?

Robyn: To me, they're one album, and I just decided to release it in three parts because I felt like I needed to change my way of working - figure out a way where I could be more fluid…


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We Dance To The Beat: A Brief Chat with Robyn

I have met several people who have told me that when they saw you perform “Dancing on my Own”, it brought them to tears. Have you been surprised by the emotional resonance the song has with your fans?

Yeah I did! “Dancing on My Own” was number four in the set. And when I played it it always really exploded. You never know what a song is going to feel like in a new country till you get there. For me, “Dancing on my Own” is definitely a dance record. I didn’t expect it to…


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Vote Now: Robyn Nominated for "Best Swedish Act" this EMAs

Head on over to the EMA Website to vote for Robyn in the Best Swedish Act category.

To cast your vote for Robyn follow these simple steps.

1. Go to the EMA website by clicking here.

2. Scroll…


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Robyn Announces Fall North American Tour with Natalia Kills and Maluca


Jaunt Launches November 5th And Will Feature

Special Guests Maluca And Natalia Kills

Cherrytree Records recording artist Robyn – the Swedish singer-songwriter hailed as the “hipster-fave electro star” by Time Out New York – will return to North America this fall for a headlining tour. Tickets are on sale now for the outing, which launches November 5th in Miami…


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MTV Buzzworthy Blog from VMA Rehearsal with Robyn

"I'm definitely gonna be dancing on my own tonight," she said, referring to her dancefloor-magnet single. "deadmau5 and I are a little bit apart, so I'm up there alone! I'm gonna be on a scary elevator going up there!"

Check out the full article with more pictures over on the MTV Buzzworthy website.…


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Robyn's Afro Funk Hour on Today!

Join Robyn for the rebroadcast of her Afro Funk Hour on Shows 1 and 2 will be broadcast at 2pm PDT and again at 10pm PDT today.

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If You Buy One Album Today: Body Talk Pt. 2

If you buy one album tomorrow, make it: "Body Talk Pt. 2" by Robyn, her second installment in a trilogy of discs to be released in 2010. - Washington Post

Check out the full article over on the Washington Post Website.

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'A' Review from the Boston Herald

“Body Talk Pt. 2” (Konichiwa/Cherrytree/Interscope): A-

Swedish electro-pop diva Robyn deserves to be 2010’s breakout star. “Body Talk Pt. 1,” released in June, was filled with humor and ferocious dance beats. “Pt. 2,” the second of three EPs she plans to release this year, follows suit with eight choice cuts of inspired good times. The riotous hip-hop of “Criminal Intent” finds Robyn pleading with a judge for leniency on charges of inappropriate club attire and out-of-control…


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Body Talk Pt. 2 Out Now!

Robyn's new album 'Body Talk Pt. 2' is out today and available to download from iTunes and Amazon MP3 now. Album includes new single 'Hang with Me'

1. In My Eyes

2. Include Me Out

3. Hang With Me

4. Love Kills

5. We Dance To The Beat



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A-Rating for Body Talk Pt 2 from Entertainment Weekly

''Don't fall recklessly, headlessly in love with me,'' Robyn warns in ''Hang with Me.'' Oops, too late: On Body Talk Pt. 2, this eight-track follow-up to June's Body Talk Pt. 1, the Swedish electro-pop pixie uses sleek club music to endearingly explore more unpolished emotions, such as anxiety (''In My Eyes'') and heartbreak (''Love Kills''). Even with Snoop Dogg onboard for ''U Should Know Better,'' she could be the diva next door. A

Check it… Continue

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Body Talk Pt. 2 Scores Three and a Half Stars from Rolling Stone

"She's as feisty as Pink, as beat-savvy as M.I.A., does eurodisco better than Gaga."

Check out the three and a half star review for Robyn's "Body Talk Pt. 2" from Rolling Stone magazine. Body Talk Pt. 2 is out via Cherrytree Records this coming… Continue

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Robyn in NME

"With not a single duffer over another eight tracks, it looks like our eventual Best of Body Talk compilation might just be the album of the year"

Check out the article below!…


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The Swede is the best, most versatile pop star currently at work.

"A brief, brilliant record that leaves you panting, Body Talk, Part 2 is the latest evidence that Robyn is probably the best, most versatile pop star currently at work. If Part 3 is even half as good such an accolade will be proven beyond doubt."

Check out the full article over on the BBC Website

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Robyn in US-Weekly Buzz-O-Meter.

The Swedish dance-pop star who has fans in Heidi Klum and Pink - is singing her hit "Dancing on my Own" at this year's MTV… Continue

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4 Star Review for 'Body Talk Pt. 2' from The Guardian

Check out the 4-Star Body Talk Pt 2 review taken from The Guardian, below.

"Body Talk Pt. 2 is the all-action follow up: faster, harder, clubbier.There are no tongue-in-cheek dancehall try outs here, no Swedish folk songs, noting as quirky as Fembot.This is the Body Talk for people who like their Robyn, upbeat, fierce and dancefloor ready."…


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Robyn Covers Björk's 'Hyperballad'

This evening Robyn covered Björk's 'Hyperballad' at the Polar Prize Festival in Stockholm in an event covering the Icelandic star. Check out the article on MuuMuse and watch the video of the performance below!…


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Robyn Is 'Super-Duper Excited' To Perform At VMAs

"It's Robyn, the Swedish superstar who, slowly but surely, has begun her stateside assault with a pair of highly touted pop albums (Body Talk Part 1 and Body Talk Part 2, both released this year, with a third installment due in December), a stirring single and video ("Hang With Me"), and a string of sweat-drenched, sweet-and-salty live shows. And on VMA night, she'll take another step towards mainstream success when she performs with house artist Deadmau5 during the big…


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