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people can treat you like s*** sometimes.

Sometimes, it just happens; you cant expect everyone to be nice people. But it truly tears my to pieces when its someone you really care for... Someone you truly cared for.. Its so hard to stay happy when rubbishy things like this happen. I know I'm not perfect, but I don't think I'm a bad person; not a terrible person.. I know worse people. So how come all the bad things happen to me? I don't mean that in a self involved everyone feel sorry for me sort of way, I mean it in a frustrated angry… Continue

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Day two, more insight into life.

today I realised something, life is nothing if you don't have friends. And I'm not talking, endless amounts of friends who aren't truly trustworthy; I'm talking the real ones. My (very few) friends are my whole world. Some of them struggle through putting up with me for my annoying (sometimes frustrating) ways, Some of them joining in with my annoying ways, some of them cracking me up with their little general knowledge, and unawareness of the world around them, some of them making me just…


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First Blog

okay, so this is odd. Never done a blog before, but i suppose it'll help me get things off my mind. Firstly, I want 2011 to be successful.. I don't want to be bogged down with bullies, and chavs.. (or worse, a chavvy bully), More importantly, I don't want to be scared. Scared of several things.. I guess most importantly scared of being myself. I am naturally a paranoid person; if someone's sad, I automatically think its my fault.. but, most of the time it isn't (don't get me wrong, I do upset… Continue

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