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Die Antwoord Live at Amoeba Music


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[Warning: Explicit Content] Die Antwoord in "Umshini Wam”

Check out Die Antwoord in their short film "Umshini Wam", please be advised that the video contains explicit content. 


Click here to proceed and watch "Umshini…


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Die Antwoord in i-D Magazine

Die Antwoord are dangerous and arousing, combining rave and gangster rap and turning it onto its electro-clash haricut to make thoroughly modern pop music. Hailing from South Africa, the tiny but tough Yo-Landi Vi$$er and her soft speaking, hard spitting partner in crime Ninja have in the past year gone from being on the outskirts of South African counterculture to having over 20 million YouTube hits on just one of their videos.


Check it out in the scan below, click the…


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Die Antwoord - Rich B**** Video Trailer

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Rolling Stone's Best Newcomers of 2010

Die Antwoord - The South African hip-hop crew spit in both Afrikaans and English while managing to sound frightening in any language.


Check it out over on…


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W Magazine Interview with Die Antwoord

People have questioned if you’re for real. They wonder if you’re a conceptual art project.

N: In South Africa people know what we are straightaway. It’s just punk Afrikaans sh*t. But in America it’s a little alien, so they’re like [in an American accent],…


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Enter The Ninja/Zef Side is the Number 1 Video on MySpace Music

With “Enter The Ninja,” a bizzaro freak out that recalled the “Parents Just Don’t Understand” video, but on crystal meth, and “Zef Side,” a three-minute slice of alternate reality exploring the band’s origins, we get a remarkably comprehensive picture of the Die Antwoord aesthetic: Their sense of humor, where they come from and how that background has shaped their entire being. That’s a rather old-school notion of what a…


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Die Antwoord is one of "the amazing discoveries of 2010"

In Jack Black's Parade Magazine story this week he says: "I just saw a rap band from South Africa called Die Antwoord, and it was insane. The guy is like a Tasmanian devil on the mic, and the girl is a force of nature."

Check out the full article by clicking here.

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Die Antwoord Describe their Style and Slang to MTV


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Die Antwoord's Double Cover of Germany's Spex Magazine

Click to…


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Die Antwoord talk $O$ with MTV

South Africa's Die Antwoord first made a splash in the States earlier this year with their stunningly edited, sometimes-creepy video for "Enter the Ninja." The song, a mix of rave, rap and the uniquely childlike voice of the duo's female contingent, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, was only an introduction into their world.

"Our style is incredibly, like, WWF, too fast, too furious, but the ingredients are South African," rapper Ninja told MTV News about the band's sound and… Continue

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Die Antwoord provides rare originality

Lyrics like, "Been cut so deep, feel no pain. It's not sore" show that even though the band does come with pretty hard-core personas, they still maintain the ability to talk openly about actually feeling apart from the typical type of heartfelt music that only touches on relationships and breakups. It is like they're not trying to fit into a category in order to gain fans, they're just being Die Antwoord and not really worrying about who they're impressing besides…


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Last Night: Die Antwoord At Stereo Live

"Rich B****" was Yo-Landi's showcase song, where she chronicled her slummy upbringing before the international verbage of hip-hop came into her life. Solo her flow is otherworldly, sounding like nothing we have heard at least. "Fish Paste" is the only song we know of that can rock the s*** out of a Mariah Carey sample while still giving you the uber-creeps.

Check out the full live review with photographs over on…


Added by Die Antwoord on November 3, 2010 at 4:33pm — No Comments

Confrontational South African trio strut the thin line between madness and genius.

"Is this Die Antwoord terrible, like the worst thing ever, or the most amazing thing in the entire universe?" That is the rhetorical question posed on the press release for this debut Die Antwoord long-player by the group’s snarling MC and figurehead, Ninja (or Watkin Tudor Jones as his mum knows him). Inevitably, perhaps, the answer lies somewhere in between; but that $O$ struts the thin line between madness and genius, or more accurately between provocative wilfulness and striking…


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Die Antwoord Performing at The Gramercy Theatre, NYC this Friday

Die Antwoord will be performing at The Gramercy Theatre, 127 East 23rd NYC this Friday!

Click here for more Die Antwoord tour dates.

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Die Antwoord join Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky at the Guggenheim

How did this happen? How has it come to pass that the faces of Ninja and Yo-Landi will appear in the same building – designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and known as one of the twentieth century’s most important architectural landmarks – as the faces and images conceived by Picasso, Matisse, and Kandinsky? Strangely enough (although on reflection it makes total sense), Die Antwoord’s music video “Zef Side” has been chosen as one of the winners of the global video art competition “You Tube Play,”… Continue

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Die Antwoord Sets their sights on Mickey Mouse

In one short year, the trio (which also includes DJ Hi-Tek) have become pop stars, with a major label deal at Interscope, tours with M.I.A. and controversial, crazily NSFW videos for tracks like "Evil Boy" (watch below). With their debut album $0$ out this week and the group in the middle of their own U.S. trek, caught up with Ninja to talk about his impressions of American culture, the trio's phallic-saturated video, and why he wants Die Antwoord (South African for "The Answer") to be… Continue

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Consequence of Sound interview with Ninja from Die Antwoord

You guys have a lot of music floating around the internet. Why did you decide to put these exact songs on your major label debut?

The thing is, we’re making new tracks all the time. We’ve got too many tracks to put onto an album. We just wanted to choose the most concentrated, powerful songs. And they said choose ten, and we were like “Jesus Christ! 10? That’s like choosing between f****** children.” With the songs on the internet and the five on the EP, there are…


Added by Die Antwoord on October 18, 2010 at 9:23pm — No Comments

$O$ is "Vulgar, Odd, Amazing"

Equally amazing is how catchy this band's music is. It's hard to find anyone who has heard "Enter the Ninja" and hasn't spent the afternoon humming the tune. Initially, it seemed like this was the only song that could have this affect, but that doubt was quickly dispelled after listening to "Rich B***h." After just one listen, "Enter the Ninja" was replaced by a new tune, which was just as addictive.

Humor is another aspect of "$0$," which makes it a must-own. It's unclear…


Added by Die Antwoord on October 15, 2010 at 1:08pm — No Comments


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