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there are 2 kinds of people in this world... you've got the smart a****... and you've got your people with a death wish... and the majority of those people who have a death wish go to GRCC. YOU GO TO COLLEGE FOR CHRIST SAKE!! LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET!!! JEEZUS!!!!!!!

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my wish came true for the new year!!! F*** YEAH!!

remember when i wrote that thing about me wanting to be loved??? well a very good friend of mine asked me on a date for friday the 13th... and so we hung out at his place even though he didnt have any power. he made pizza and ate it by candle light... it was sooo sweet!!! so basically, the date went very well and ended with a VERY passionate kiss from him... im so happy right now im crying!!

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I need a mouth guard.... going to kick some a** in self defense class today.. well maybe... it depends who my partner is... lol little people (like me) are easy to knock down.. yeah a 5 foot 3 inch tall woman (me) cant exactly kick the a** of a 6 foot 4 man...

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I was born and raised in the boondocks (out in the middle of nowhere where I have to rely on my public library for a decent internet connection...) dude, I can look out of every window in my house and all I can see are trees and wildlife! this SUCKS BALLS! and to add to it, it's snowing like a mother F***er outside and I'm freezing my tits off out here! JEEZUS! it's 16 degrees out and I'm all dressed like an Eskimo (i think I spelled that wrong... lol) lmao just sayin'...

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