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What Is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. The person finds it difficult to tell the difference between real and imagined experiences, to think logically, to express feelings, or to behave appropriately.

People with schizophrenia may hear internal voices not heard by others or may see things that are not really there. These experiences can seem threatening and can make them fearful and withdrawn. They… Continue

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It's just a new obsession

A color which makes me go insane

Pink is not any kind of fiction

Pink always helps me gain

Faith, confidence and everything I need

Trust, joy and a bit of laughter

This color helps me succeed

Pink is the color of my eyes

Only when I look at you

Pink makes me an angel in disguise

It's the color which brings joy to me and my crew

Pink is a color so mighty, so great

Pink is the color my face

Turns when I'm… Continue

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Silent Screamers- I'm me again

I’m all the reasons for your problems, when I tried to be your solution,

I’ve never turned you away in your moments, only been there for you,

I never stole from you, it was yours, I don’t hurt friends, but you hurt me,

How can you take from me what I didn’t even have, hide again in your depression,

It's b*******, how are you so shallow,

Find a way of ruining me, this never even happened,

I try and help and you throw it in my face,

Take yourself… Continue

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As I have never flown before and I will in 9 hours i asked chatters for pointers and here they are:

(is my notes on their suggestion) [aftermath notes]

I FLEW from london heathrow to new york albany AND SURVIVED

1 ) Take chewing gum for fuzz in ears

(FUZZ? what the heck is fuzz??)

[my ears really hurt but the gum helped a hell of a lot]

2 ) take music to stay calm

(HMM calmness is good)

[ I forgot to charge my mp3 player so that idea failed massivly]

3 ) take deep breathes and remain calm


[deep breathes dont… Continue

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hello all just a quick note of good news to say my cast is now of and my wrist is fully functioning, this means I can drum again and we can start recording and all that stuff again
hope to talk to you soon on the chat

all my loves and kisses

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