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Hey guys! Just thought I'd say these few things...

I got a couple of things to tell you, random and/or not... :D

For one thing, I'm not really on here a whole lot, unless I'm listening to Breakfast with Tokio Hotel ... ;] Or just Cherrytree Radio in general, like I am now.



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Defining Angel

Earlier this summer I released my 1st video in Danish "Sommer i KBH". I learned a lot from that process and I was in general pleased with the result. However I felt the song and the video was going in a different direction style-wise than I had initially planned. It was a cuter and more Disney version of Angel which also is a part of me as an artist, but by no means the beginning nor end of me.

Angel is me, yet not me. Angel is multi-faceted and has a bit of every woman in her. Yes,… Continue

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Gaga Flash Mob On Sydney Harbour, Australia

Hi there,

Hope you had a great weekend.

We made a dance-off flash mob on Sydney Harbour last weekend led by two "Lady" Gagas. You might have seen it on Perez Hilton?

Here's the link as I thought you and your readers may get a kick out of it too!

Hope you like it!


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todays news

bad !!! oh man its totally bad. . .=(

i donwload over than 30 videos (containing tokio hotel and keane)

the suddenly . . .,, my mozilla jammed then u know exactly what happen then . . .

those downloads cancelled n i got nothing even .part, those .part are disappeared

my my . . .,, and guess what . . ,, it just not once happen to me, like 5 times or more . .

1st because my crazy computer

2nd sometimes it just failed bcoz of… Continue

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ok well im a very frequient user of youtube and ive been in a argument with this kid named andrew for 3 weeks about being emo.
apperantly ppl think stupid well he said there is help well itz gay how he thinks ppl shouldnt be emo being emo since i was 4 yrs old i have been 2 12 theripists in 4yrs they arent a big help
comment if u have a promblem or ???? about emo ppl

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Right, sorry about the youtube links...

Rightio, sorry if none of the youtube links i posted work... Try pasting them into your web browser and then watching them... that should work =) and you should do that, because the videos are awesome. Here let me see if this works, this is another Antic Cafe video that's link isnt already on my page:

Did that work? Well it's a great video and song anyway... So if you can, check it out! =D

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hey peeps! I have a few links if some of you want to talk to me

Added by Ana Young on April 6, 2009 at 11:30am — No Comments

Find me here:


My Youtube
My Beauty Blog
My Twitter
My Dailybooth

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