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Toxic Television

Why is it that everyday we turn on our televisions we see negativity and prejudices? We are all human. We are all inside. Why do people for stupid reasons? Right now more than ever we should be standing together and helping or fellow man whether or not he/she looks like you or believes in the same things as you. To look down upon someone for the colour of their skin, their age, their sex, their religion, their sexuality, their nationality, or financial stature is nothing but being juvenile.… Continue

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Fashion Frustrations

I mean I am not a large woman but I have broad shoulders, wide hips and large leg muscle not to mention an above average bust size. I wear size 40 jeans because of my hips. But I have to buy straight leg in order to fit my calf muscles. I have to buy XXL shirts unless I want every male I meet talking to my boobs. But even when I want a tighter shirt I have to buy XL to fit over my bust and to fit my shoulders. I can't even go to Victoria's secret to get bras because they don't go big enough.… Continue

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Paparazzi and Media

Have you noticed recently how no matter what channel you turn on their is something about the lasted scandel involving a star? I know that when they chose these careers; they should expect less privacy but no privacy at all is going a bit far don't you think. I mean do I really want to know that some big star ate at a nice restaurant in flip flops. Come on Now. There is a place for a media presence like premieres, signings, scheduled appearances, awards shows and even at concerts but not when… Continue

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Random Thoughts

I was thinking about something today. Whatever happened to giving a person a chance based on ambition and drive. When I was a child for many of the music industry jobs you didn't need a degree. You just needed a mentor or someone will to show you the ropes. My question is why do I need a communications degree to be an assistant for someone? I have above average computer skills and I am quick learner when it comes to technology. I may not own a cell phone but I have an understanding of them.… Continue

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What is a fan?

I was asked by a friend to explain my opinion of what a fan is. So here it goes. A true fan appreciates the art not just the appearance of the one creating it. Looks do not always last but talent can last a lifetime. I mean look at Bob Dylan or BB King. They really don't have the looks but they have the talent. To be a real fan you have to understand the amount of hard work, pain, anguish, frustration, happiness, and determination that goes into what the artist is producing. So people who get… Continue

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I was wondering the other day how fans can be for a band one day and not the next. I mean if you are a fan shouldn't you like them no matter what. I mean I still listen to bands from when I was a kid. I was a fan than and I am a fan now. So why do people seem to wash their hands of a band when something changes like their appearance or maybe even the style in which they dress. That would fall under the category of stupid. Their is more to a band then what they look like. I mean people like Bob… Continue

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I had this Idea the other day and thought it would be cool. I thought about something....Why are hip hop and skater clothes sized the same as regular or rocker clothes. Why can't they compensate for the oversize? Like a shirt tagged small when it is actually a large. That way if you wear a small then it is the perfect amount of bagginess so it is not overwelming or to small. When you by you usually buy two sizes larger than you need or at least that is how I do it. Here is the example of how I… Continue

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Intolerance is something that will never truly be gone

I am so tired of being treated like a freak. I am who I am and If people don't like it then they don't have to look or talk to me. I am an opinionated free spirit who voices my opinions openly and sometimes without restraint. If I offend you then oh well. I am an individual and I have the right to voice my opinion. One thing that people have to understand that is if they voice their opinions openly they will not only feel better but also let others know that they are not going to sit in… Continue

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hello! first of all thank you to everyone who took the time to comment my last blog post!:)
and some people who read my blog post thought it would be a good idea if we start a petition to get TH a star on the walk of fame! i think its a great idea i just dont know how to do this type of stuff:( so if there's anyone out there who does know how to you have my full support and alot of other peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THNX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added by Mayra M. on June 15, 2009 at 1:06pm — 12 Comments


Just signed on as manager of the incredibly talented… Continue

Added by Valley Girl***Mia SHINES on June 15, 2009 at 12:53pm — No Comments

Rock Band Wii Welcomes Tokio Hotel in Catalog Update

Quote THA:

Band Wii Welcomes Iron Maiden, Tokio Hotel, Disturbed in Catalog Update!

You can now get Monsoon for your Wii version of Rock Band! Here is the link for more info:

Price: $2.00 (200 Wii Points) per track


Thanx to LoveBill!

Added by blumekaulitz on June 15, 2009 at 7:16am — No Comments

Tokio Hotel's new single,album and tour?

I know that all the people is askin' about that questions and i know that nobody can say it with precision.

But in this days some fans said that the new single is posticipated again and they said that Martin on the chat said it. Now, it's true?

And what about the new cd and the next tour?

About some rumors, the new tour will start in america and after in europe, it's true also this?

In America will be start around october and so after the new album?

Sorry for my bad… Continue

Added by Fabian on June 15, 2009 at 6:53am — No Comments

DNR guest at Cinema Bizarre's italian concerts!! Do we want to try? We can make it with your help!! (Post ITALIAN/ENGLISH)

Ciao a tutti.. siamo qua per proporvi una nuova missione!

Molte di voi già conoscono i DNR... e per chi ancora non sa chi sono siamo lieti di presentarveli:

DNR Official MySpace , sono la prima visual band italiana, spaccano e si meritano di essere conosciuti a livello internazionale!​

La nostra proposta sarebbe quella di far aprire da loro i concerti dei Cinema Bizarre per le date Italiane si Settembre. Crediamo che le affinità… Continue

Added by CB Official E-Team on June 15, 2009 at 6:30am — No Comments

How does the group Tokio Hotel can tolerate skipping school!!!

(lot of cliché in that article T_T')

Or truancy is a problem of society?

In a large German city, the services of the public are once again on the road, this time they do not worry badly parked car, but their job today is something very current .

It rings at the entrance to one of these apartment units, where each of multiple stages is overlooked by balconies sad, and after a few minutes a young woman opens the air asleep and drunk. When asked where was her daughter, she… Continue

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hey i have a question:)

my fam and i recently went to hollywood to get my H&M shirt and we passed by the walk of fame and i wondered if TH has a star on the walk of fame. i have this one pic of them that they took in front of a star that says their name . i went to the walk of fame website and nothing comes up when i type in their name. so do they have a star??? THANX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (is it in germany or something???????)

**********************this is the… Continue

Added by Mayra M. on June 14, 2009 at 6:30pm — 11 Comments

CherryTree Records Artists Part Two - My Reviews of the Bands

This is the continuation of Part One.

The Fratellis - - - To me their music was both enjoyable and fun in spirit. Ultimately I find their sound hard to classify or to place in any one genre. And I think it is this unique venture into a different realm of music is what might increase their following.

La Roux - - - She has a powerful vocal presence that is uniquely infectious… Continue

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CherryTree Records Artists Part One - My Reviews of the Bands

First of all I would like to say that Cherry Tree Records has some of the most unique and diverse acts in the world today or at least that is my opinion. There is a band for everyone to enjoy whether you like Quirky British Folk, Canadian songbirds, Rock, or something to make you move your feet. You will find it on Cherry Tree Records. Most small record labels limit themselves to one genre or type of music but not this one. They are what all small record companies should thrive to… Continue

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Ich Liebe dich bill

Ich liebe dich bill
there are no borders for my love for you
that your eyes are the most beautiful I've seen

Added by Ximemonday on June 14, 2009 at 1:56pm — No Comments

An old interview (2006) TOKIO HOTEL french/engl sub


Added by blumekaulitz on June 14, 2009 at 1:41pm — No Comments

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