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x ` jessie [♥]
  • Female
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Australia
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x ` jessie [♥]'s Page

"Look! He's wearing a skirt! Boys don't wear skirts, right? Look, he's got a skirt on! It's a GIRL!" - Bill Kaulitz

The name's Jessica, boring I know, same with Jess and Jessie... Don't call me Jessie though - only my aunts ever call me that. -Shudder..-

I live in Melbourne, Australia. Not telling you any more about my location, GOT THAT YOU STALKERS?! ...I'm hoping I didn't scare away the non-stalkers, hehe.
Anyway, at first glance I'm a really quiet person - and shy - but that's not the case at all, trust me.
I can be, quite loud actually. And sometimes you can't shut me up (sometimes a bad thing.. lol). Note how I said sometimes. I'm not boy obsessed, and I'm not Bill obsessed, GASP! Well, you might think I am, but I see it in a different way: I simply look up to him, adore him, love him; he's my idol. He's definitely the kind of guy I'd want to meet. That ANY girl in her right mind would want to meet. I love Tokio Hotel, all the members, yes yes... even that hot looking pervert who claims to be Bill's twin brother.. and even the quiet guy named Gustav who doesn't talk all that much, and Georg who dances around with mannequins. What's NOT to love about Tokio Hotel? ...I'm being serious, that wasn't sarcasm but whatever =]
I think Tokio Hotel are plain unique, and they all seem like genuine guys. And I know that Bill Kaulitz would make an ideal boyfriend!
I could talk about TH forever... But this is supposed to be about me, right?
Ah, okay, well, I'd better sum things up.
I'm a strange person, and I come up with the strangest ideas - my mind works in the strangest way, even I can't understand it, HOWEVER, it turns out that when I do get these strange ideas it enables me to make people laugh, and so, if you're ever in need of a laugh just look for me and make sure I'm half asleep - that's when all the 'magic' happens LOL. If you tell me that Tokio Hotel is gay or anything of the sort you'll have had crapped in your pants by the time I'm done with you! No joke - I'll most likely throw you off the edge of a cliff.
I wear mostly black, listen to mostly rock, metal, emo/screamo & alternative music, although it most certainly doesn't mean you can put me into one of your 'categories' such as emo/goth/punk or whatever else. Personality and appearance - two very different things. Besides that, everyone goes through a lot of tough times, though it may affect the individual in a different way compared to others; if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always here to listen to you, stranger or not: some people say that they don't have a purpose in life, I know what mine is, and it's to help as many people as I can before my time, and that's why suicide would be selfish. To me, to be selfless is to live for others and not yourself - for the people you really care about. But yeah, it's true that it can be hard talking to people, especially if you don't want to worry them, maybe that's why 'emos' and 'goths' write poetry - to express themselves. But anyone can do that, even I'm hard to read when I'm feeling down - I'm a good actress when it comes to those things. People always tell me that I give good advice, although I never follow it.

Eep, I didn't realise that I wrote so much... Anyway, continue reading if you wanna know about my interests, hobbies etc.

Listens to:
- Tokio Hotel
- Papa Roach
- Alesana
- Hollywood Undead (only form of rap that I can stand... other than LP)
- Evanescence
- Linkin Park
- Marilyn Manson
- Stone Sour
- Korn
- Disturbed
- The Rasmus
- Killerpilze
- Kyo
- Good Charlotte
- Escape The Fate
- Metro Station
- All Time Low
- The White Stripes
- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
- Taking Back Sunday
- New Found Glory
- Thousand Foot Krutch
- Three Doors Down
- Three Days Grace
- Led Zeppelin
- The Used
- Dance Gavin Dance
- Murderdolls
- Skillet
- Hellogoodbye

+ A lot more... Talk music with me and we'll be talking for hours..

- Gnome collecting(joking.. haha.)
- Rolling down hills (just as long as there's no doggy poos lying around on the grass..)
- Swimming in an empty pool with Tokio Hotel... (Ha! I wish)
- Running through monsoons with Bill (another wish!)
- Painting
- Drawing
- Dancing ( I usually listen to my iPod and dance around in order to give my room a thorough clean... weird I know, but it works somehow.)
- Singing (when no one is listening, 'cause I'm the leading cause for deafness, lololol.)
- Playing songs on my classical guitar that aren't actually classical... (need to get an actual acoustic and/or electric.. T-T)
- Chilling with peeps.
- Meeting new people.
- Anything Fashion Related.


X ` jessie [♥]'s Blog

Tom has allegedly punched a fan in the face Well, if he did, then there's a great chance that it could have been one of his stalkers, or to put it more nicely that group of girls who sleep outside th…

Posted on April 16, 2009 at 5:39pm 0 Comments

Tom has allegedly punched a fan in the face

Well, if he did, then there's a great chance that it could have been one of his stalkers, or to put it more nicely that group of girls who sleep outside the studio, and honestly, there are some pretty f*cked up fans who would probably do things that are way OTT.

"The 19-year-old guitarist, twin brother of the band's lead singer Bill, is said to have been arguing with the girl at a Hamburg petrol station.

A 21-year-old… Continue


Posted on April 15, 2009 at 7:29pm 0 Comments

*Has a break down*



No, wait no, just read it for yourself.

....On second thought there's no point because the link gives it away already.


Does anyone know whether or not Tokio Hotel Network is a reliable source?

If so, please get back to me.

Love… Continue

What's up with that?!?!

Posted on April 9, 2009 at 12:18am 1 Comment

I've just had a look at some blogs... Some people are saying that Bill has changed his style to something more Tom-esque while others are saying Tom dyed his hair black.... Which one is true?!
I am uber confused. However, I've seen pictures and I'm guessing it's Tom because there aren't any white dreads.... But that may not be the case if Bill got rid of them...? I have no clue! It's just really confusing and I have noooo idea how I feel about it.

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At 12:54pm on July 24, 2009, Rose said…
thanks for add
see you
At 5:11pm on July 4, 2009, Tamara Kaulitz said…
Hello, I see you're a TOKIO HOTEL fan. I thought I'd offer you a place on the TOKIOH.COM mailing list. You'll be notified with all the latest TH news, photo updates, audio and more from the site right to your Inbox! :D SUBSCRIBE HERE (
At 3:07am on July 3, 2009, Sélénia Hagen said…
Hey !! What's up ? =)
At 8:16pm on June 13, 2009, KATKAULUXKAY said…
yehe u probs do :)
At 2:02pm on June 2, 2009, love_th_and_cb said…
hey how are you
my name is jeanine and you
i add you xxx
At 7:35am on May 9, 2009, Ellie said…
heyy. right! im good... i hadc a great concert last friday
At 6:25am on May 8, 2009, Sophie Phillips said…
HEY!! haha i know long time no talk.... i am good how r u?? school is almost over!!! hahah then finals... :( i have seen the new pic.. i really miss bills lion mane too.... i really dont lk toms hair eihter.. i like the way they were... but bill still looks hot... did u see the new AID shirt?? r u going to get it?
At 5:31am on May 8, 2009, Bling said…
my thoughts about TH
o.O. I just like some songs
so I don't really have thoughts, hmm...

and Germany I think it's like
some love them some hate them and some are in the middle
and after the story with the stalkerazzi
it's sometimes terrible
because now even some German fans are against the fans from French
it's not nice
I think it doesn't matter from where you are
or what languarge you speak
The music have to be more in the focus ...
what do you think?

At 5:17am on April 30, 2009, Bling said…
thanks, I'm good^^
no, I'm no TH fan
but you can talk with me about them^^
At 3:42am on April 30, 2009, Ellie said…
haha... nice use of the song... lol.... yeah i would pouch them.. they really have no lives..


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