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Karen's Page

Hello all :D
My name is Karen. If you really get to know me I'll be one of the craziest, most hyper people you'll ever meet.. or talk to. I try to be as friendly as I can, but sometimes I'm a bit shy when talking to people for the first time. I'm addicted to Starbucks' mocha frappucinos, strawberry bubble tea, red velvet cupcakes and taking photos. No, I don't want to be a photographer, but I love photography and I see the beauty in everything.
Some of my favorite artists are:
-Cinema Bizarre (#1 boys <3)
-Lady GaGa
-The Academy Is...
-Tokio Hotel
-Dir En Grey
-An Cafe
-Cobra Starship
-Hey Monday
And a whoooole lot more, but you'd probably get bored just reading about this.
I don't know how to play anything, unfortunately. But I want to learn how to play guitar and drums.
I don't know what else to say... so just talk to me :D

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At 6:08am on December 2, 2009, the_teicii_girl said…
nothing much!!!...xD
and you?
At 6:03pm on July 22, 2009, SaraJane said…
Hey sorry for late reply =/
Whats up?
At 9:12am on July 20, 2009, Taylor said…
lolz well yeah but i still dont have a ride there XDDD
*_______* thats always a nice pic to see early in the morning todas been pretty good so far..its raining, then the pic and i just heard thunder <333 now if only my summer hmwk was done and band camp was over with then id be estatic xD
At 3:39pm on July 19, 2009, Taylor said…
XD OH! ..well that was a fail lol,
ROFL! omg that sounds hilarious xD, i REALLY wanna go see ittt but everyboy is bussyyy DDDD:, well at least now i know its sad, ron does something hilarious and snogging does not involove piggies xD
LOL! i could tooo x] it would be amazing like yu would be batteling rom with his guitar, kiro and strify would be doin the funny walk, strify would be struttin his stuff and shin would accidentally be hitting ppl/the lead singer/strify with broken drumsticks xD
At 11:54am on July 19, 2009, Taylor said…
lolz wth is "snogging?" is it like the oink oink sound spiggies make? xD
AHHHHHHH! lucky duck DDDD: i wanna go seee HP6!!!
lolz yay that its funny ^^< oh noes!!! i think i possibly know what happens if its sad T___T lol
OMGGG!!! so the concert i went to was freaking amazing!!! the warm-up band was Orchastera and *___* o.m.g they were soooo goood, the bass player was hilarious and teh keyboardist was pretty epic..the only thing that went wrong was the power went off twice so the drums were teh only thing that worked xD but i gained sooo much more respect for drummers..not that i didnt respect them already but holy crap they are doing so much more then what i thought ^^ then they finished and teh "allen parsons project" come on and OMG! karen it was AMAZING! the bass was SO loud <3 and i swear if CB was british and about 50-ish this would be them, the bass playewr was my fav, he was a lil short like kiro, the singer knew how to entertain ppl, at one point him and the bass player were like doing this funny walk xD, the drummer had a REALLY good vcoice and halfway through the show one of his sticks broke and it went flying and hit the singer i nthe back. then the Guitar player had a whole song of just him doing this really amaizng soundeffects and he battlesd the keyboardist and besides the potsmokers, and the drunks IT WAS AMAZINGG!! haha wow i wrote a novel xD it was better then TH..and we were like 7 rows away form the stage so i guess that was pretty cool ^^
At 6:08pm on July 16, 2009, Taylor said…
LOLZ yeha theers SO many and they are usually really really funny ^____^
xD welllll i was prolly A) being a daycare, B) taking a nap, C) at the store or D) just back fro teh store xD
At 8:46am on July 16, 2009, Taylor said…
lozl xD yusss! i was all o.o;; omg they died it was epik xD
there was one where squidward tried to put a band togetehr and i laugehd so hard when he was telling the flags to twirl faster and they ended up taking off and they crashed into eachotehr in the air ROFL!
At 7:12am on July 13, 2009, Taylor said…
lol i love how frakendoodle attacked squidward xD
weast omg thats hilarious. i liked the one with mystery, the people at the krusty krab thought it was a quater pony ride xD
ugh i dont wanna do my summer hmwk rduyfgugli >..>
At 6:38pm on July 10, 2009, Taylor said…
rofl the clammmmm that was cute and the thought bubble was epik XDD, i liked the doodle bob/frakendoodle episode, that drawing freaking hated patrick xD the F.U.N episode was funnnn i liked teh was catchy xDD
LAWL! yuisss star+sponge=clam <33
At 6:12pm on July 10, 2009, Taylor said…
RoflMCcoptors xD
yuussss omg spongebob is like imagination land..anything can happen like holy they drink water..under water xD rofl its Magic!!!! haha
YUS! patrick omg he is h i l a r i o u s. xDDD




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