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Heyz to the izzle :D

Heyz thar! welcome to my page! well lets hit the basics shall we? ^_^
My name is Taylor im 16 and i live in Michigan :] im pretty shy but once you get to know me im quite hyper,random,spazzy and i end up typing to fast so thers alot of typos ^^;; lol, i love listening to music,i listen to:
An Cafe
Dir En Grey
The GazettE
Alice Nine
Three days grace
Cinema Bizarre
Fraulein wunder
Down Below
Tokio Hotel
Lady Gaga
Hey monday
Linkin park
Escape the Fate
theres probably a lot more but thats all i feel like typing ^w^ oh! hah okay time for a little bit of randomness/off-topicness ^-^, here are some pics of some of my fav. bands :]

The GazettE
The GazettE Distress and Coma ^^ Pictures, Images and Photos
GazettE = <3

LMC Pictures, Images and Photos
one of my all time favorite J-rock bands, you just cant help but love em xD

MIYAVI Pictures, Images and Photos
Miyavi is so freaking talented, i highly suggest checking his music out if your looking for some new stuff ^.^

Cinema Bizarre
Cinema Bizarre 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
*__* these guys are epicly amazing

Dir En Grey
April 2009 Pictures, Images and Photos
good ol Dir En Grey, shinya = amazingness^-^

see now wasnt that fun? haha okay back on topic :33

i love learning new instruments as of right now i know the saxophone,some piano,guitar and bass and i really want to learn drums ^.^ umm..oh! i love doing things with friends wether its chillin with them in the park or doing random things at the store. [like setting of all the toys down the toy isle ,stacking toy elephants or riding a tricycle down an isle xD] i like to attempt to draw, i find it very entertaining how ill start out drawing something and end up with something completely different from what i was aiming for x33,
Anime is pretty neat Bleach, D. Grey man, and naruto are some personal favz..
umm well thats all i can think of for right now xD. feel free to talk to me i dont bite :] lol

MM Pictures, Images and Photos colors Pictures, Images and Photos

Be Yourself Pictures, Images and Photos quote Pictures, Images and Photos
Save the Tree's Pictures, Images and Photos I like the rain Pictures, Images and Photos
dance in the rain Pictures, Images and Photos

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At 8:05am on July 26, 2009, Nina (Tayz' SOUL twin!!) said…
XD We BOTH fail! Joy. I love Liar Liar :D Sentimental Piggy Romance is fantastic, my friend and I always yell at people about how the piggy loves the lion but the piggy is afraid the lion will eat her XD Bell the Cat was an awesome video... My personal favorite is either Sora Namidairo or Little Fat Man Boy. Sometimes I REALLY wonder what their songs are about XD I don't speak anything BUT english currently, but I can say "YOU A PIZZA" in Spanish. :D
At 3:10pm on July 20, 2009, Karen said…
Ja, he's a german boy from germany xD
Awww summer homework, ewwww. I don't know if i have any o.O I haven't gotten any notices abt homework yet..
Lalalalala I'm so boooooored xD I'm gonna go read that shin story with the knocked up girl xD
At 5:59pm on July 19, 2009, Karen said…
LOL! Awww! That sucks D: go with your brother or something xD
LMAO snogging, nmo does not include piggies xD
At 2:49pm on July 19, 2009, Karen said…
LMFAOLMFAO! Snogging is the same thing as making out xD
Ahh, my sister was shocked at the ending. I already knew that happened, so she ranted and i was like *nods head* yes, yes, mhmm.
My favorite scene was this part with Ron and this love potion. I couldn't stop laughing xDD
That sounds amazing Tay xD I actually imagined CB doing all those things. The drumstick part hitting the singer made me LOL. I imagined that happening at a CB concert and then Strify's like *singattituderawk* o.o <.< ;;*glares at shin* Shin: o____o ... ^^;;
Ahh pot smokers! Drunkies! Bleghh. That sounds cool though :D
At 7:45pm on July 18, 2009, Karen said…
Yeah yeah xD
Ahh, being a daycare x___x KIDS
So today I watched HP6! A lot of snogging, as they call it. Whatever suits their fancy xDD
It was so funny but sad at the end :(
Don't wanna ruin it for you, unless you watched it already xD
At 4:13pm on July 16, 2009, Karen said…
LMAO I remember thattt xD
Ohh so many spongebob episodes xD
No wonder it's Shin's favorite :D
I'm bored. Where are you? D:
At 9:47am on July 13, 2009, Karen said…
HAHAHA xD haaaa squidwaardd
LOL that part always makes me ROFL xD
at first i was like o___o wtf did they do!? then i was rofling
At 6:47pm on July 10, 2009, Karen said…
OMG Frankendoodle! I forgot about frankendoodle!!! :D
I also loved the treasure hunting episode!
Patrick: EAST? Oh, I thought you said weast!!
Mr. Krabs: WEAST!? what kinda compass you reading boy?
Patrick: this one sir.
Mr. Krabs: That's WEST Patrick. YOU'RE FIRED AGAIN. xDDD
At 6:33pm on July 10, 2009, Karen said…
LMAO I never got that! And you can actually see the water in the glass! It's like....... WHAT?!!? xD
Ahhhhhh Patrick xD I loved the episode about them finding the baby clam and then patrick going to "work" LMAO
and then the thought bubble some dude had like "SPONGE + STAR = CLAM???" xDD
At 5:39pm on July 10, 2009, Karen said…
LOL! xD i love that name though! SHIBOB hehe
Only in spongebob would a spatula be dangerous and powerful xD
Patrick is my favorite lmao. he's so silly xD "I CAN'T SEE MY FOREHEAD >.<;;"


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