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I love Tokio Hotel and Cinema Bizarre! I'll add more to this profile soon =)

I have another username here hypertune, but I'm not using it anymore cuz I was confused O.o....

Feel free to talk to me =)

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At 3:37pm on February 8, 2010, Romeofan said…
Yes i have
At 9:49pm on December 24, 2009, Sophie Phillips said…
At 9:49pm on December 24, 2009, Sophie Phillips said…
sorry can out of things again..

bc of her name and she was born in Germany of the year 1999 but i dont wat to write out "1999" so i am going with " '99" haha
ya and it will be on my "hip area" kinda on my left side :] so excited
At 9:48pm on December 24, 2009, Sophie Phillips said…
okay so the thing at the bottom has like a "charter or letter counter" and i was exceeding my limit so i had ot copy and paste..
this is random but just readig the message u wrote me.. i am happy that i have left my old "friend"
i mean i still talk to her and stuff we arent like enemies.. maybe frenemies.. ? haha idk wat we are. but i have made like new friends that are in a larger group of girls so its not just 1 best friedn.. but in the group there is girl just like me who has a lot of talent in the music/acting aspect. haha anyway she is a HUGE fan of TH too so that is really nice.. my old friend hated the fact that i liked them and she likes tom and i like bill so its all good :] haha and she dresses like me and likes like some "rocker/glam" clothing like me just a little briter i guess i dress a little like bill i mean dark color wise and well ya.. not really i would never want to copy anyones style.. because to each their own and a style defines who u r, right? well thats the way i look at it.. ahah sorry i am weird adn so bored. its Christmas eve and nothing excitign is happening.. haha went to Church and my grandma had dinner with us and i had a pizza.. and they had fish stuff. which dont eat and we couldnt well i couldnt ahve meat bc i a vegetarian. haha anyway i have no idea i am so bored and i recently had family over my half sitser and brother and my sister has a 2 kids adn my brother has three kdis and he brought his gf and he is old and has been married and divored like 3 times.. not good.. anyway and then his gf has a child sot there were a million children runing around. ew.
i am writing a lot i am sorry.
so what did u ask for Christmas?
and i just finished reading ur little note. sorry i got a little off topic here.. about my tattoo..

it will say
Grand Jete
Germany '99

because my horses name is that Grand Jete and she was born in germany
At 9:40pm on December 24, 2009, Sophie Phillips said…
i miss summer so much its not funny :[... we are just coming up on the half way mark of the year of school :[ it sucks. it doesnt seem like summer was that long ago.. but then again it seems like it was centuries ago.. i cant wait till i am older and i have a job.. i can have any dog i want, dress like i want, and live where ever i want :] i know it will be hard but oh well
ur job at a camp sounds fun! especially if you are a life guard for like somewhat older kids.. i dont really like kids so the little ones arent my thing.. lk from birth- 6 years old they are a pain in the a**. AH
that is one thing i dont want in life.. idk if i evern want to get married.. but that is besides the point.. have u thought about ur future.. truthfully i am kinda scared for my future.. oh well again.. off point
did u see WBMW??? AMAZING! i love the way they incorperated videos that were "behind the wall that we dont see in their life" i wish that for like a month they wouldnt have to be famous so they could see what it was really like just to be normal for once.. its just an idea but something that wont ever happen.. i guess they just chose this life style.. :] i am happy they did otherwise their amazing music would have never been made :] if u did see the WBMW what did u think? i also thought bill/tom dog was so cute! i love dogs.. especially big dogs.. i have two small dogs and they are so boring! do u have dogs?
At 1:01pm on December 8, 2009, Sophie Phillips said…
i havent been on that much either.. haha i feel like i am missing out.. i really miss the summer :( .. school sucks. i am having changes in friends too .. u know lk i had one really good friend and now i am making all new ones. i am happy that you had a fun time in swimming.. i am proud of you for making a new PR.
i am so happy to see the new video for world behind my wall :]
i really love the german songs bc lk to me they are so unique and just sound really cool and it is also nice bc it is so natural for bill to sing
i know what you mean about "world outside my Bubble"
boarding school has kinda passed... things are getting better with my family .. which is good. i convinced my parents to let me get a double piercing and i am getting a tattoo :)) i am soo excited
At 12:25pm on December 3, 2009, Romeofan said…
Im good thanks
How are you back
At 8:13pm on November 25, 2009, Sophie Phillips said…
At 11:00pm on October 18, 2009, Sophie Phillips said…
sry i wrote a lot :)
At 10:59pm on October 18, 2009, Sophie Phillips said…
omg it has been a while.. vball is over at the end of this week! i am so happy..
so much has happened
i wont be doing vball anymore
r u happy swimming is going to be over? thats nice about having more friends :)
i love world behing my wall it made me cry the first time i heard it. and have u heard in your shadow i can shine?
i love that one
and all of them are good! i love hunde on the german album
okay well lets see.
haha i might go to boarding school--- maybe
and um i am having lk nonstop arguments with my mom :[ we just lk dont get along at all. it sucks lk we see everything differently
and um idk i am a lot sadder this year. i am not liking the school i am at.. the friend who i was really close to is really just a stuck up b****
and the other girls at my barn. r stil my close friends. i have become really close to one of them and two of them live farther away so i dont really see them too much and then the other one is just plain weird. idk i mean this doesnt hv anything to do with her character or lk me liking her as a friend.. but she smells,. and not good bad. and she is always complaning adn biting her nails and is lk "i have made such good friends this year and i am doing so much wiht them" blah blah blah.. lk me and my firend just dont really care what goes on in her outside life.. it really bugs me and she is so insecure.. lk we were all going to mayb go see a movei this weekend and she is lk "I CALL INSIDE" so she wont be on the outside in teh movie theater. she is just so annoying i know i sound really mean but w/e
and well idk
with the arguments with my mom and vball i really hate it adn i havent been able to ride a lot and some other things in my life r just f*cked up and i am now seeing a theripst/sicotrist or w.e i am sorry i cant spell for my life and i think i hv to start taking an anti-depressent.. its really bad.. but how is ur life?




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