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NaTuRal BodyBuilding Tips FoR YoungeR BoY

They're soinformation of and you tell Superior Test X it like it is and i think thatswhat people are looking for when they need a resource on to come to so I think that you definitely have a channel thatpeople would love to learn I mean and even from Usenet had surgeryI have learned so much just from watching a chance style I think that's really cool you at is speaker that you home actuallymade a video talking about comparisons some you know and this is something Ithink we ought to especially those of us who are on anytype of journey and we want to get there as fast aseverybody else a faster and down you know you asked if he could bepositive you're doing it what's comparing yourself to to some doyou have anyone that you compare yourself to I'll you know and in a positive way in a way to just kinda keeps you won'tbe to keep you going to know you mentioned the true Jamaican out who ifile why shehasn't a great story as well but is thereanyone that you kinda compare yourself to in a in a kinda other way I'm I think there are probably people who Istarted have I I felt a connection with just becauseI love you know you're starting where their story 1 a.m. I thought it through to make ityour of them I'm and also Heidi from desire me I'm that you have them I think we're theones that I it's and for me it was hard I really couldn'tget into the real comparison thing because they're much further out than Iam surgery ..

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