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  • Nina (Tayz' SOUL twin!!)
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  • Cinema Bizarre
  • Tokio Hotel

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At 7:52am on July 26, 2009, Nina (Tayz' SOUL twin!!) said…
Yeahh XD I always wanted to see the lion's mane live, but I didn't see them last year TT.TT Like, a month or so after they ended their US tour, I became a fan. I'm quite bad at timing XD
At 4:46pm on June 30, 2009, Nina (Tayz' SOUL twin!!) said…
Yeah, I really like it. Its nice that hes taking a chance with things, seeing that its quite a big change for him. =] Its cool... Not my favorite of his hairstyles so far though. What do you think of it?
At 3:13pm on May 29, 2009, Nina (Tayz' SOUL twin!!) said…
Yes, Ive found I really love Scream and Break Away as well. I haven't really listened to a lot of their german stuff (stupid US iTunes for not having their german albums) =P I always love the german songs of Tokio Hotel's that I DO hear, but i do not get to listen to a lot...
At 1:00pm on May 14, 2009, Nina (Tayz' SOUL twin!!) said…
My favorite song by TH is Reden, but Rescue Me fits me best. ^^ You?
At 4:54pm on May 12, 2009, Nina (Tayz' SOUL twin!!) said…
Yes ^^ im glad you saw me on here too ^^ We seem quite alike, you know? Lolz ^^
At 2:44pm on May 11, 2009, Nina (Tayz' SOUL twin!!) said…
Dont worry about being seen as a baby, i probably wouldve done the same thing if not something very similar. =)
At 7:00pm on May 9, 2009, Nina (Tayz' SOUL twin!!) said…
Whoah! A tornado? Was it bad? Ive never been anywhere near a tornado. The worst ive seen is probably hail xD
At 12:57pm on May 7, 2009, Nina (Tayz' SOUL twin!!) said…
Awesome! Tokio Hotel is my favorite band, and LM.C is my second favorite. I love the rain too, and i dislike thunderstorms as well. (same as you though, if im with someone im not scared lol)

Boreing me

Im from a big family im the middle child yay! no really and it sux but thats how it is. And also im bi and i have a wonderful girlfriend but i still love Bill! <3. Im a goth/punk in away i love black clothes if i could id own alot of tripp pants. Ok well i love alot of things and dis-like alot of things.

Tokio Hotel: I suport them 100% if ya dun like it then leave! *points to the exit*
Cinema Bizarre: I was into them at first but as soon as i heard the songs i was hooked <3
Vanilla cola: I have to have one lol
State fair: Rides are fun and i love going with my friends
Skittles: taste da rainbow! i ONLY like the red ones better my friends thinks that is nuts but eh
Neon green,pink,blue: Cuz there pretty ok! i also love wearing black and hot pink together :)
Tripp pants: i love thems! They have chains and colors :D ok sorry lol
Rain: i love the rain and the sound it makes i love the smell of it and i love the way it makes the world look outside my window ^_^


Stalkers: I dun like scary people who follow me around in dark places and pop out to try and show there love. Like those french girls who hurt Bill and Tom and there family *glares at them*
Rootbeer: i do not like its taste never liked the candy *gags* gross
Mint: the gum is ok but i hate mint candy and the ice cream eww
Preps: Sorry if your one but i dun like em they think there better then some people and well there not.
Homophobes: Your really mean an i dun like youuu enough said :)
Thunder storms: Unless im w/ someone im scared of them lol

Rebecca's Blog


Posted on May 6, 2009 at 1:45pm 0 Comments

Im new here ^_^ And i just wanted to make my first blog. I suport Th and Cb <3 No i am not one of those stalkers :( Id stalk them in a good and nice way not a scary and insane way to hurt them stupid girls :p Anyways id also like to say stay strong Tokio Hotel :) And dun let those girls get ya down!





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