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WWD Magazine Japan on sale now at..

Posted on August 26, 2011 at 11:47pm 0 Comments

Here are the scan from the magazine...



InRock Vol.326 [Japan] - Scans

Posted on January 13, 2011 at 7:57pm 0 Comments

Tokio Hotel Christmas Greetings

Posted on December 23, 2010 at 5:13pm 0 Comments

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At 7:18am on February 11, 2012, Jane said…

hey U,


what´s up??

Did you see the picture from the hand with the cruel tattoo at bill and toms app??

I don´t think, that it is bills hand, cause did you see the nails of the hand.

Bill would never have this nails.

But I have to say, that I´m a little bit afraid of thinking this is his hand.


love Jana

At 7:54am on February 7, 2012, Jane said…

Hey California Girl,


I´m sooooo Sorry. Do you feel good??

It happend to much in the last month. I have a car now and I´m working in a new branch, thus I have a longer way to my work. This time I´m in vocational school, but I have a lot to learn.


Who it looks at you???


I miss you and I hope I have more time in future.

Kiss Jane

At 2:28am on November 6, 2011, Jane said…

Hi honey,


I´m sooooo sorry!!!!

I´m so busy taht I couldn´t be here.

How are you. Do you work hard for your colection???


Miss u so much!!! <3


Kiss, Kiss



what did you say to Bill´s Look???

At 1:57pm on September 6, 2011, minerva francisco said…

ya its fun being 15 cuz u can do stupid stuff n nt get in to much trouble....

ya i found one cuz my sisters mom in law has a store n she hooked mr up....=D

bt I'm pretty sure that you will find one soon....




At 6:29am on August 21, 2011, Jane said…

Hey sweety,

how are you???

My education started 2 weeks ago. and I´m so weary al the time.

I hope you are fine??




At 10:45pm on August 8, 2011, kaulsil said…
At 2:07am on July 25, 2011, Jane said…

I don´t think that they will marry:) I can´t image that they will have a family. The both are so dependent on each other that there can´t be a wife between them.

A girlfriend OK but no wife. It would totaly means that two families will live in one house.


MAybe the casting show bring them back.


At 9:43am on July 20, 2011, Jane said…

yeah, Tom and his girlfriend...

I personally don´t like her face. she has a great body and she looks so tall on the photo:)


They are bussy right, but they always do the wrong jobs, cause they are not in America or in Germany for work:) They neglect the important countries and that´s sad.


I hope they come back and give trouble so they can be what they were in the past: the BEST german act ever.


kiss to you


At 8:20pm on July 18, 2011, kaulsil said…
beautiful takes time to come on this page now but when I do send you photos, follow me on tumblr love you kisses
At 2:08am on July 15, 2011, Jane said…

I see you need better conections in LA;) Ii is unbelieveble that they are sooo close to you but also so far away:(

Did you see the pics from Tom and his maybe girlfreind?? It was in LA too. Do you know the places where they were???


Yes Japan!!! It was an amazing show. If you wanna have the best news of TH google Blacklady483. It is a German Side but a lot of blogs are English.

Bill and Tom will be actors maybe(OMG my grammar is cruel today). in a filmversion of a German book. And maybe they become jurors in a castingshow in Germany. That will be great:)


I had my first driving lesson:) It was great. It makes soo much fun to ride a car( can I say that???) I see I have often to write with you.


Kisses from Germany to you

At 1:16pm on July 2, 2011, minerva francisco said…
im so sorry that i havent reply in months.... i kinda forgot that i had this page lol....

im 15..... and i dont mind if people ask... =D

and i alredy got a summer job but only for the weakends......

how about you have you found any yet????
At 1:12pm on July 2, 2011, minerva francisco said…
sorry i havent respond in like months.... kinda forgot about this

and im 15...... and i dont mind if people ask.... =D

ya hopefully but i got a summer jod already but only for the weakend.....

have you found any yet????
At 10:40am on June 23, 2011, Jane said…

Hey honey,

did you see the new style of Bill??

I love it so much. It looks great and I have never thought that he is watchin like that:)


I can´t believe theat they are in Tokio again. After everything what happened and happens this time. I mean it is not over now(the reactor...)


I hope they are fina and you too



At 2:26am on June 8, 2011, Jane said…

Hey sweety,


it was a great show from TH in russia. I loved their outfits and of course to see them again:) It is so long ago. But I find, that they looked very relaxed and Tom´s beard was nice at pressconverence:)


It is unbelieveble that they got 500000 € for singing three songs.


love you.

At 4:01am on June 7, 2011, MLaylaB said…

At 12:50pm on May 31, 2011, Jane said…

hey sweety,


I found your photo on

It is like I wrote: It is a web magacine, but it is not very good. It has just on little article about the coloumne from Bill and Tom against circus.

good night:) OK you have a few hours:)


At 12:17pm on May 31, 2011, Jane said…

Thank´s to you. Yes my dog feels better now. Today I was running with her for the first time since operation and yes it was good. OK I have to train her a little bit but it is ok:)


The pic which you sent I never saw it on a magacine. I work at a supermaket with a lot of magacines, but I don´t realice this. And I have a very safe blog webside ( and she didn´t write about this magacine. I think it is an internet report or something else.


kiss to you

At 9:45am on May 21, 2011, Jane said…

Thank you for cratulating;) I didn´t celebrate my birthday cause my Dog was ill, so I was carried about her.

When do you have your birthday???


This time I have no news for you.


Kiss Jana


At 3:09am on May 10, 2011, Jane said…

Year TH won in Las Vegas. Did you see the event???

Have you some videos of it???

I´m totally not up to date, but soo much I can´t miss.


Year my driver ed. you have to know, that in Germany you must have theory lessons before you can drive, so I have a little bit time for it:)


Yes I had a very nice weekend, cause on Saturday was my bithday. Now I´m 20 years old:)

And on Sunday it was Mother´s Day, do you know this day?? 

Thus I ate the whole weekend;)



At 7:41am on May 3, 2011, Jane said…

Hey honey,


I´m soooosooo sorry and I hope you apoloziced it:)

Year I´m fine. Today I start with my driver licent. I hope that I´m not to silly for it:)


I´m a little bit sad cause in two weeks the comet event takes place in Germany and it is the first time since 6 years, that Tokio Hotel is not nominated. I can´t belive it, cause this event was always a place where the fans could be sure that they will be there. We will see:)


Take care about you




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