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Welcome To Mah Page!<3

Some Personal Stuff?

About Me:
I believe in True Love "TheOne", who I am still looking for
So I am Katelyn,Kate,Katii..Whatever you want to call me. am a very loveable,spontaneous,random,caring,talkative..hehe i talk pree loud at times,self-cam homeschooled, *I had enough with all the teenage drama in public school so i decided to get homeschooled* I have a love for the Entertainment buisness ^_^ Which im tryin to get into.I love acting,modeling and singing/songwriting... I realized lots of girls my age try to fit in,im not like that,I try to live my life to my preference and i wont listen to anyone trying to tell me how i should live or what i should do, after all this is my life and im only living it once,I want to enjoy every bit of this life, though sometimes it gets really hard to execute that goal, cause im living in a world full of ppl with their expectations and misunderstanding minds, especially when those cool little individuals decide to judge me without even thinking about this nice tiny possibility of getting to know me first and then thinking about judging me and my way of life. Hear me out guys, you dont impress me with your introverted thoughts about perfect human being and that is simply because there is no such thing as 'perfection',And if you like me great ^_^ if you dont thats great too. Im sorry but i dont like the Jonas Brothers...o.O..Some of you may not like me because of that but im sorry i cant please everyone..TokioHotel is my favorite band,Their music is very inspiring.Lol I am in love with music.While im talkin about entertainment, I would like to say I dont like when people treat celebs with special treatment, and treat them like they arent normal.... i treat all celebs i meet like i would my friends. I Love dark eyes eyes. I know, it might sound weird, but get this: eyes dont lie.They are the first and the most certain thing to capture my interest in someone.I've always believed I've had some special power.I hate lying, sluts, and people who like the JonasBrothers. There shouldn't be popular people.I believe in ghosts, the paranormal, and that every house I've lived in is haunted.I have a major fear of dying,heights,sharks,snakes,most spiders,sharks.. I will not leave the house without eyeliner on..I do believe in true love/the one I dont know what i would do without family/friends/music. Even though I dont look or act as mature as i prob should, I am VERY mature inside. Im a very kind person; but dont get me wrong, I will stick up for myself, even if it may hurt the other person.If you ever meet me, I will give you all my trust, but if you break it. It will take awhile be able to get it back. And my dear as long as you are not able to give me an exact description of 'normal human being' do not tell me in weird, if you give me a description of a 'normal human being' then fine,i'll accept the fact that maybe im weird, but before that if you cant then shut up and dont judge. My idols are Tyra Banks,HeidiKlum, and P!nk
My fav band is TokioHotel Who I really wish to meet one day
Russell Brand is the best Comedian out there<3
Need to know more??Send me a msg,I love talking to and getting to know new people

My Hobbies:
Listening to music, acting, modeling, songwriting, hanging out with friends/family, watching movies e.c.t
I love Tokio Hotel because...
They are themselves and are aren't afraid to be different,they always have a smile on their face, and never have anyone let them down.And their lyrics and the sounds are breathtaking and amazing.I first heard of them the beginning of "07" in May they were playing a clip of "TheFinalDay" on MTV when I herd them, and listened to their music and I was hooked, they were totally different they kind of reminded me of another favorite band of mine "GreenDay" just because they are also different, and act crazy and dont care what people think about them. Each one of the boys are very unique in their own way, And are four very talented young guys and of course, you cannot forget they are very four hot guys from germany who have undeniable sexy looks, serious skills, and amazing personallities.! I will Love them forever!!<3
Thats the best I can try to discribe why I love them, the only way to really know is to go in my mind<3 then you would know I actually do love them for them<3
My favorite member of the band is:
Bill Because: he is sweet/sensitive/funny/caring/loving/outgoing yet shy/always has a smile on his face/has amazing lyrics/great voice/tells it like it is/ isnt afraid to be himself +many more reasons, thoes are the basics tho<3

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