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Kaptain Kait Sith
  • Female
  • Sudbury, Ontario
  • Canada
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Kaptain Kait Sith's Page

Who am I?.... I am me.....

Hello music fanatics.... My name is Kaptain Kait Sith... Well, not my real name of course, that is very obvious, but it is my future stage name. Yes, future. My friend Nim and I are planning to make a band, perhaps one day we will be on this very site. That would be awesome ^_^

So yeah, I'm the singer of the band. If you want to know more, just, ya know, send me a message, or Nim, Nim can help too....

Now, for a little more about me. I've lived in Canada all my life, but that will change asap! lol I'm a high school student, an actress, a visual artist, a sports player, and a musician, of course. I spend as much time with my friends as possible seeing as my family doesn't accept me. Neither does most of society for that matter! XD ESPECIALLY my boyfriends older brother.... He's scared of me, thinks I'm gonna eat him..... O_O

But I'm really not that bad, a little different, sure, that's obvious... I mean... Look at that face!!! :P But hey, you gotta be different in this world, if you aren't.... There is no way you'll ever survive. Either that, or you will be one of the many look alike preppy drones... And I for one would commit suicide the day that happens to me.... lol Thank god that will be never... :)

Kaptain Kait Sith's Blog

Thanks for Listening :)

Posted on September 12, 2009 at 4:57pm 0 Comments

I don't really know what I'm doing... I just feel like writing something. I guess I feel a little lonely at the moment. My parents have some of my family over for there weekly "poker night", so I'm stuck here again, the only one to talk to my dog... And my fish... And anyone over MSN... And what makes it worse is that everyone is somewhere where I'm SUPPOSED to be, so there is no one online!!! O_O

So yeah, I said I was suppose to be somewhere... And I am suppose to be somewhere. You… Continue

How can life have more ups and downs then any of this worlds roller coasters? :S

Posted on June 3, 2009 at 8:32pm 0 Comments

It's hard being a teen... I'm sure many agree... I hate the drama, how everyone likes to put there life in your hands one moment and then doesn't even want to tell you the time of day the next. I hate the relationships, friends, more then friends... I hate how they all get screwed up. You say you are gonna be friends forever and then everything changes. It's not that change is a bad thing, it's just, not a good one sometimes either... You end up hurting the people you told yourself you wouldn't… Continue

OMG!!!.... Shoes...

Posted on May 25, 2009 at 4:34pm 1 Comment

Ever seen that video "Shoes"? It's funny, and deffinitly explains apart of me. I'm OBBSSESED with shoes, can't get enough of them. And even though my parents scorn me for having so many pairs, I think it's totally worth it.

So the real reason for posting this is to talk about a new pair I just bought. In the end, they aren't neccessraly shoes, more boots, but they still rock my socks!!! Think black converse high tops. A sleek look with white laces. Now picture them... Going up to… Continue

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