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I'm just another Tokio Hotel fan and I'm trying to get to know other fans from all over the world =)

So...... Nothing else to say , I guess xD

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At 9:55am on February 25, 2013, danielle robles said…

hey just stoping by to say hi. i dont think i ever comment back. so i am now i added you a long time ago and i forgot to message you.


At 4:14pm on October 19, 2010, vero, said…
Hello, thanks for the invite :)
At 10:46am on August 14, 2010, Doll said…
hi joana! yeah im a tokio hotel fan too. i am part english,irish,scottish,sweden, and german. but i live in flordia.
At 4:20pm on July 9, 2010, xxkaulitz89 said…
Awwwww Thanx!!


So..... how Old are you Joana?
At 6:22pm on May 10, 2010, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…
Ppl just need to trust more.
TH know was es ist das THey do!

I THink THose who P!$$ und moan;

"TH has changed"
"THey aren't who THey use to be"
"THey're all about $ und don't care bout THeir fans"
und THe worst,
"THey are industry puppets"

Oh meine gute Gott! ~>=/
das eine makes me THe most upset!!!! Steaming angry! ~>=(
THose das sagst THose THings just want Attention.
THey THink THey sound more 'intellectual' or better THen oTHers
TruTH be told THey just sound like fools because
THey prove mit every word THey spew das THey know noTHing.
I can't be boTHered mit such types.

THey don't deserve TH
We Do!
At 8:59am on May 10, 2010, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…
We seem to be in agreement on all THings TH!

I don't see TH as 'changed' eiTHer!
THey grew, THier Musik grew.
I THink THey grew up pretty DANG GUTE!
SMEXY SMEXY! <=P' ' (droolz)

As fur style,
Bill changing his style isn't Bill changing Bill
'cause, change ist who Bill ist!
Bill does das!
es ist all still very much so THe same Bill
Und in das light, still THe same style since THe style ist 'Bill'
His hair,....
we change our hair.
We wear es up or down. Short or long.
I change THe colour of my hair lots.
So why do ppl freak out when Bill does?
(not colour but style in Bill's case, I mean)
EveryTHing he chooses to do
he looks TOTALLY AMAZING each und every time!
besides, if ppl really cared about him
was he looks like wouldn't matter to THem at all!

As mit Bill's fashion,
About TH's Musik 'changes'
I don't see das as changing THough
'cause THey are still doing was THey want und being true to THemselves.
True to THemselves und THeir art.
As THey alway have been, right from THe start.
GrowTH ist natural, expected und nessasary.
At 8:09am on May 10, 2010, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…
WiTH THe Russian cancellations TH couldn't komm out und explain.
THey couldn't set foot infront of THe public THere
cause of THe contractual mess-ups!
(not by THem)
Und, THe guy das did komm out, lied to save THeir own @$$#$.
TH care very much about THeir admirers!

das whole Bill/cyst THing was sehr upsetting! <='(
I THink we were all seriously concerned und worried fur him.
I know I was!

Since we seem to be agreeing mit so much,
how do you feel about THose whos sagst das TH hab 'changed'?
At 7:33am on May 10, 2010, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…
Totally understand your English!
You do well! <=)

TH's Musik ist undefined.
As you mentioned,
THey don't even try to 'fit in'
THey do as THey feel.
Which to me ist THe best way to release Artistic talents.
It can't be forced.
True Artists TH are.
THeir label wanted THis last Album out sooner,
but TH needed THe time to do es up right.
THey were allowed to 'cause THeir skill ist trusted.
What oTHer Artist do you know of das could milk
THe same 3 Albums fur 4 yrs!

Most artists release 2-3 singles per Album,
THen es ist dead und THey hafta have a new CD out PROMPT
or They loose THeir market.

TH's very 1st song ever professionally recorded,
ist just as gute as THeir last.
Und we never tire of es!
At 3:23am on May 8, 2010, xxkaulitz89 said…
Hello.O My Darling ^.^
How are you?? hope you fine (=

i Accepted you As Friend ~_~ !!

You are Welcome Anytime !!

Tokio Hotel FOREVER!! <3
At 6:30pm on May 6, 2010, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…
Ja, IKR.
I've never been a flighty person when es kommt zu was I like.
If I like someTHing, es ist nicht cause es ist THe 'trend' at THe time or 'in'.
Und, I like was I like past oTHers growing away from whatever es ist.
So, stands to reason I'd be THe same mit TH.
as Musik goes, 'Rock' isn't generally my type.
When I heard TH, es war liebe at 1st listen!

TH don't really fit into any Musik title.
TH ist TH.
but you know what I mean, ja?


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