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Fanny's Page

Hey people !! :D
I'll introduce myself thanx to a "little" questionnaire ^^'


Hair Color :
Light brown

Eye Color : Hazel

Height : about 1.60meters

Relationship Status : Single, but...

Birth Date : October 31st, 1990

Blood Type : O+


Favorite Color : Red (& black but that's not a color)

Favorite Movie : There are too much movies! But I can say 'The Green Mile', 'Catch Me If You Can', 'Das Leben der Anderen', 'Saw', 'Harry Potter', 'Hook'...

Favorite Hobby : Hanging out with my friends <3, listening to music, going to the cinema...

Favorite Song/Singer : MmmBop (Hanson) for the song, Thomas Dutronc (French) for the singer

Favorite School Subject : English, German, Japanese (well, foreign languages :P) and History-Geography

Favorite Food : Italian & Asiatic one

Favorite Animal : The eagle & the wolf

Favorite Childhood Friend : Her name's Laura.

Favorite Person In Your Life : My friends <3, my grandma & my godmother


Chocolate or Vanilla :

Big Mac or Whopper : None.

Cola or Pepsi : Cola

Beer or Wine : Beer

Coffee or Tea : Tea

Apple Juice or O.J. : Orange Juice

Facebook or MySpace : Facebook

Summer or Winter : Summer

Windows or Mac : Windows

Cats or Dogs : Cats

Rain or Shine : Both!!

Chips or Popcorn : Chips

Salty or Sweet : Sweet

Morning or Night : Night

Walk or Drive : Walk

Money or Love : Love

Breakfast or Dinner : Breakfast

Paint or Wallpaper : Wallpaper

House or Apartment : Apartment


Have Any Pets :
I HAD 3 cats (Mousse, Onyx & Manola) and a dog (Dora)

Smoke : No

Drink : Sometimes (champagne & beer generally)

Exercise : No xD

Spend Your Life On Facebook : Oh yes...

Like To Cook : Not really

Play An Instrument : I played the piano, I wanted to learn how to play drums but I couldn't (maybe one day!). I played djembé too at school, that was funny :)

Sing : Yes, but you'd prefer not to hear me! ^^

Dance : Sure... very bad!!

Speak Multiple Languages : Yes. I speak French & English. I learn Spanish, German & Japanese. I know some words in Chinese, Italian, Russian.

Ice Skate : Sometimes with my friends. But I'm not very talented ; however I watch very often the contests and I support some ice-skaters :)

Paint : No

Write : No


Stolen Anything :
Yes... Earrings when I was younger (ssshh)

Been Drunk Before Noon : No

Got Caught Telling A Lie : No

Cheated In A Relationship : No

Failed A Class : No

Eaten Food Off The Floor : No

Stuck Gum Under A Desk : No

Wished You Were Someone Else : Yes

Cried During A Movie : Yes...


Describe Yourself In One Word :
Crazy. My teacher, in French, has described me as "Space" which is an expression signifying "Weird".

Biggest Fear : Spiders

Dream Job : Flight attendant

Special Talents : None XD

Where Are You Right Now : In my bedroom

Where Would You Rather Be : Anywhere else with my friends

Famous Person You Want To Meet : Isaac & Taylor & Zac Hanson... And the boys of Cinema Bizarre :) Also Gackt Camui !

Place To Visit Before You Die : Japan :)

Song Played At Your Funeral : With You In Your Dreams (Hanson)

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