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konnichiwa minna-san!

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At 4:16pm on October 28, 2011, Robin said…
TH is one of my fav bands
At 8:08am on September 24, 2011, USkipper said…

Ahoy, matey!
spiff new PhotoID~! that you? (jk)

From what I have been reading, you have to pick the ski-tow

carefully. The shape of the bottom of the boat determines the size of waves behind the boat. Good news for rookie skiers: water skiing can be as slow as 12 knots, which is 22 kph or 14 mph.

if this little guy can ski, maybe anybody can do it!

Thought you might enjoy my latest video.

you can fast-forward through the "Young Disciple's Moment"

(skip to 2:39) religion is a personal thing, that is your right.

I have a short audio clip of pop music at the beginning, so I don't know if they are going to play it during church service or not...

At 12:20pm on September 19, 2011, USkipper said…

I tried to look up a simple question about water ski.
Namely, what is the recommended minimum horsepower,
or how large an engine, for towing one skier behind a boat.
Still don't have an answer!

The price of soda in the grocery store has gone up a LOT
today. Should have bought some Saturday!

Oh well, tea or coffee is OK.
At 7:04am on September 15, 2011, USkipper said…

yes it was good. And we got more rain yesterday!! My new rain gauge
measured about 4.8cm (1.9 inches). Turned on my electric space heater
for the first time this season, overnight temperature was 8.8 (48'F) brrr

That is exactly what I thought at first, about La Manga del Mar Menor
(I just now realized I have two spellings in my comment here,
pretty sure I copy-n-paste the names. oh well.)

Here is a satellite photo the place...

Apparently they offer year-round instruction in water ski, recreational
boats, etc. I wonder if it smells like fish (jk!) Looks like 100% FUN

- - -
That Fortress of the Sun reminds me, a little, of Lookout Mountain,
near Chattanooga, Tennessee USA. No trees in Spain, tho.

During the American Civil War that was the scene of a really dramatic
battle between the Armies of the South and North. The stuff legends
are made of. I saw it when I was a kid, and marveled at the mountain
and the cannon on display.

Haha, I buy either Pepsi or Coke, mostly just shopping for best price.
I do kinda prefer the no-caffeine, it tastes just a little better I think,
and then I can drink tea and not worry about too much caffeine.

Sprite is also very good, always have Root Beer and vanilla ice cream
floats in summertime, orange soda is nice...

I never met a glass of soda I didn't like!
At 8:03pm on September 12, 2011, USkipper said…

The Ministry of Music is a regular segment of
weekly Sunday service. It's pretty much volunteer
musicians, but they are talented.

Hopefully sometime next year I will be able to offer
a CD-R (music CD) to any of the congregation who wants it,
containing an audio collection from the Ministry of Music segments.

MinistryOfMusic Mindy's Moment 2011-08-28 by USkipper
will become part of a longer video (about 3 minutes).
It is from our church picnic. They might use it on the
official church website.
YouTube is changing stuff, I hope it plays OK for you!
At 8:13am on September 12, 2011, USkipper said…

oh yes, that rain was like heaven! But
it wasn't very much, the rain was stingy.

I was searching for manga when i found images
of "La Manga del Mar Menor". It is on the
Mediterranean in Spain.

La Manga del Mal Menor:
315 days of sunshine per year, average 21'C, 70'F

Not too far away is
Castillo de Lorca (Fortress of the Sun)

Enlarge that pic, and check out:
the tunnel in the lower left and cell phone transmitter
towers just below the parked cars in the middle right.
Kära, is that fun, or what? I wonder what kind of soda they
offer, Pepsi or Coke ;-)
At 3:21pm on September 5, 2011, USkipper said…

Hej, kära!

haha, rain at last. Not sure how much rain it was,
but was worried it would rain on our outdoors Church
service and Church picnic yesterday morning. We were

The rain fizzled out, but then the wind picked up
and temperature started getting colder as we set up for
the picnic lunch.

Was wishing for a jacket by the time I was done eating.
Grabbed my stuff (camcorder, etc.) and made a beeline
for the Buick.

It felt warmer inside the car, it was like heaven!

I bought a rain gauge last week but started installing it
in the backyard this afternoon.

Oh well. No hurry, there are no raindrop icons on my
Wireless Weather Forecaster for the next 5 days.

- - - - -
Oh yes, that was a long time to run the Kodak in "Video"
mode. That was the only way I could record the sound
of the entire church service.

I use my Tascam PR-10 digital audio recorder for that now.
No probs, and very good audio quality!

First the Kodak, and now the PR-10, is in the FRONT ROW
to get closer to the sound.

I got started doing that because I was using the camcorder
from the back of the chapel to record the Ministry of Music
without distracting the musician/vocalist or annoying the
At 7:50am on September 3, 2011, USkipper said…

That's awesome! Lots to see and plenty of good food in Japan. Travel on a jet airplane was always fun, before security issues got serious.

Aha! would you believe, had record-setting heat again
here in St. Louis. 100+ (37.8 and hotter!) for several days
in a row. Forecast is for a lot cooler, and light rain, Sunday.
Hope so.

The battery in my Toshiba camcorder is like 10 times bigger
than the "wafer" battery in the digicam. That means I can
record for a long time, and camcorder only gets just a little
bit warm. The digicam would get warm enough to make me
nervous after recording (in video mode) a half-hour or so.

Things like that make a big difference!

When I record live music at Church, I use my new Tascam PR-10
Digital Audio Recorder. Then I can use the video editor to
add the sound back to the video of the vocalist or musician.

Honestly, though, its mostly just luck.

I just stood there like a dummy working the camcorder
at Vacation Bible School in July...

It was the kids and helpful adults who brought the scene to life!

Kitty says "hello!", and yes, that is a real rooster you can hear!
I boosted the volume 10dB, but absolutely no tricks!!!

At 5:47am on August 25, 2011, USkipper said…

Hej, kära!

oh wow, send some of that rain over here! Lucky!!
Hit 100'F (37.8'C) here yesterday, and "schedule conflicts"
required me to mow the lawn. eek. Fortunately, I had plenty
of bottled water, iced tea, Sprite, juice for Vitamin C, and
a GLORIOUS cooling wind... ahh

Microwaving "Teriyaki Beef style" Japanese noodle kit that I'll
have with leftover ground sirloin to start the day today. yum!

Yes, it can be difficult to make a good video. When i recorded
that short one ^^ with the 3 "mavericks" headed for the snacks,
our heat-wave had already been on for more than a week, and
we were all getting tired and worn out. Except for the kids!

So I just found a comfy place to sit for that one, that's why you
can't see the 3 kids at first, I was just too worn out to get into
the best position.

You also have to be alert, and aware of the situation. When I
record, I look over the top of my camcorder and try to be aware
of everything going on.

I was wishing that I was home, taking a nap, but I'm glad I didn't!

Thunderstorms make me and the cat nervous, but I love the rain, too!
At 6:59am on August 15, 2011, USkipper said…

haha, thanks! Well, those are called "transitions" and they
are from my Video Editor. You place icons representing your
video clips into a Story Board, then drag-n-drop one of a LARGE
selection of ready-to-use transitions between the icons.

Here is a short clip with a "not supposed to happen" moment. o.O
It was fun!

There are 3 little kids to the left, where you can't see them. They take
off for the snack area! Maybe they didn't understand they were
supposed to sit down with the other kids...



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