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Join the Rave, baby! Grab your glowsticks you pretty rave girl(:

CiCi || 15 || Pansexual || GenderQueer || Straight Edge
Born on the lovely month of october. Date? 21st. Raised in and still living in? A small little town called Hobbs.
I'm a freshman at my school. I'm definally not a straight A student either, but I have passing grades. I think... Haha
I have great friends. Like... Kyle, Cayton, TiAundra, Kinsey, Morgan, Jharlynn, Jinsen, Whitni, Sidni, and lots more.(:
I'm random and crazy and fun to be around. Except in school. In school I'm shy and quiet, if I don't have anyone to talk to in my class.
Outside of school is a whole different story.
Ouside of school, I'm crazy, random, and myself. Haha. I love going to the bowling alley or movies with friends like all the time.
I like going to places at night. You could call me a night owl, if you want.
Now other then that I do some other stuff in my spare time. Like....
Drawing. I love to draw. It's my life. I've been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil. I never took art classes to teach me how to draw. Yes, I am in art in school, but I only took it so I can pass it easily and get my credit for high school. Other then that, I taught myself everything.
I love to sing. Like singing in my room... by myself... no one else... no one..... Haha, anyways that's the truth. I would love to sing in front of people, but I have stage fright you could say.
I love to dance. I will sometimes play dance with friends. I never dance really in front of people. Haha
I love music. I never ever go a day without music. It's impossible for me.
I'm wanting to learn how to skateboard and play the drums.
[I used to skateboard a lot, til I got too busy with everything and stopped.]
I like to shop. I mostly shop anywhere. Except Hollister, A&F and stores like that.
I mostly shop at Hot Topic, JC Penny's, Wal Mart, Zumies, Journey's, The Edge. Stores like that.
I love chocolate. Chocolate is like the best creation on earth haha.
I am different, and I look different a lot.
I hate matching and trying to fit in with people. It makes me fell like a clone. I want to be myself and only myself. I'm one of a kind.

Now A little about me.

I'm Straight Edge. I gave up on drugs and alcohol. I want more out of life. Watching on TV everyday about people losing jobs, family, and friends because of drug/alcohol addictions. I want to change myself. I don't want to be a 30 year old lady still living with her parents, not able to get a job.
I'm Pansexual. I find that if you love someone or want to be with someone, gender shouldn't be a boundary, right? If you want to be with them, then you wouldn't care if they were a genderqueer, guy, girls, transexual, anything.
I'm also a genderqueer. I really wouldn't call me a girl, nor would I call myself a guy. I'm a little bit of both. I can act like a girl, but I think like a guy. I can act like a guy, but think like a girl. There is really no gender. It's just myself. I love to wear guys clothes, but wear make-up. Nothing new.

I am single. That doesn't mean, I'm looking though. I don't really have time to date nor do I want too. For me it's pointless. Yes, I like some people, but it doesn't mean I would give up the whole world for them. So please don't send me messages like: "Hey sexy" or "hey beautiful" that s*** just p***** me off.
I'm really am 15. I'm not any younger or older. THIS IS MY AGE!
Also those are my pictures! That's me! ME! I'm not a fake. I hate fakes, so if you're a fake. Don't add me. If you say you aren't and I know you are, I will prove you out that you are a fake. Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
Please....Please...PLEASE, don't call me "emo", "scene", "goth", ect. I don't believe in lables. The only lable I'll go by is my name-- CiCi. Lables are for soup cans.
I do make signs for people. I haven't made any for awhile because I haven't been asked. Haha
I do have a cell phone. No I will not give you my number. I only give my number to people that I know and talk too. I don't want some pedophile messaging/calling me 24/7
If you send me a comment, or message I usually reply. I love talking and meeting new people. Now if it's something creepy you sent me. Then most likely I won't reply.
I do have other sites:
I think I have some other accounts, but I don't use them anyways so what's the point posting them? Haha

So how about some facts about me?
-I love zombies!
-I love chocolate
-I love a good movie
-I hate romance
-I never been kissed :O
-I want to learn the drums
-My dream is to become a singer.
-I can't go a day without music
-I love to text
-I love going to concerts
-I love animals
-I love to draw
-Glowsticks are the sex
-I like to dye my hair alot
-I love hairspray
-skinny jeans are amazing
-I love piercings
-I have an MSN >.>
-About 50% of people will never read this but that's ok. Haha
So there's some facts about me(:
I don't know what else to write so, add me and talk to me! Don't be shy. I don't bite...much.(;









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At 3:00pm on February 3, 2010, Puppetz said…
hey hey hey! Check us out and leave some comments. Cya
At 1:45am on November 30, 2009, BEATRICE PAZY said…
hey how r u?hope great have a nice day


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