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Welcome to my page!


Sep 11th:

The 2nd 'Breakfast with Tokio Hotel' today was the first that i had been to but it might be the last time as well. Probably until my 'N' level is over by the 12th of October. Haiz..will miss it so much!

Sep 25th:

Well, i am sorry, what i said was wrong. The 2nd 'Breakfast with Tokio Hotel' was NOT the last that i had been for now. I had been to another episode today. When i heard that there will be a message from Tokio Hotel in this episode, i could not resist it! XD Actually, there were 2! One at the beginning and one at the end! From Bill and Tom..if i am not wrong again, hahaz! That is so awsome!


Oct 2nd:

Well, what can i say? I had sinned again by being in yet another 'Breakfast with Tokio Hotel' if you know what i mean. XD There were the 2 messages again, hahaz! I guessed i could treat this as a reward to myself for spending the WHOLE Saturday STUDYING. 2 MORE DAYS to my 'N' level!


Oct 9th:

Omg, one more paper! Human Geography..this will be the FIRST time i am actually studying for this subject..although i am already kind of slacking. Which explains why i was just in another episode of 'Breakfast with Tokio Hotel'! Mwahaha! From Oct 12th, NO MORE EXAMS! FREIHEIT!!!


Oct 16th:

Exams are OVER! Now i can be here without feeling ANY guilt! Teehee! I am going to have so much fun, so many things to do but don't know where to start! Oh well, wish me luck!


Oct 23th:

I realised that the Cherrytree chat has been getting lesser and lesser people during 'Breakfast with Tokio Hotel. Oh well, i guess that way i can keep up with the chat more often! Hahaz! There has also been one small prize to be given away each week, congrats to anyone who wins it!


Oct 30th:

Wow, this episode had alot of LIVE songs from the 'Welcome to Humanoid City' LIVE tour! I had found out that this was the LAST 'Breakfast with Tokio Hotel'. Is it true? Oh my gosh, NEIN! By the way, tomorow is HALLOWEEN..which is a few mins away as it is late here, so i will just say it earlier. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I wish i could dress up as a VAMPIRE! Blood~!


Nov 6th:

Opps, my bad! The last episode was NOT the last 'Breakfast with Tokio Hotel'! It was the last one for THAT month..October! could i made a mistake for that? So anyway, today was the first episode for this month..November! November 1st was my 1st year anniversary with Tokio Hotel! Woah~!


Nov 13th:

OMG, i was here at 11pm waiting for 'Breakfast with Tokio Hotel' which was supposed to start when i found out something shocking. From today onwards, it will only start at 12am here as the time will be 8am in the USA due to some daylight saving thing which pushes the time back by 1 hour in America. This will be going on from winter to spring..So chances are that i will not be able to make it as often as i did before..haiz!


Dec 18th:

Wow, it has been such a long time since i am here..more than a month maybe. I have already gotten Tokio Hotel Best Of Deluxe version on the day of it's released which is Dec 13th, Monday! Oh ya, i had also gotten back my 'N' level results..i have been PROMOTED! I have also passed ALL of my subjects! Tears of Happiness~ Next week is going to be 'Breakfast with Tokio Hotel' special edition week, can't wait! I wonder whose and which songs will be picked..


Dec 25th:

MERRY CHRISTMAS~!!! WHOOHOO! This is the last episode of 'Breakfast with Tokio Hotel' for 2010..Omg..time seems to zoom by so fast during the holidays. I can tell you, this was the MOST Emotional playlist ever~! Lots of TH fans cried and hugged each other..Aww! Well then, lets all welcome 2011 soon!


Aug 27th 2011:

OMG! This is the 1ST 'Breakfast with Tokio Hotel' I have been for this year! It is also the FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY! WHOOHOO! Of course i could not miss it! I have been really busy preparing for my 'O' level this year which will start at 20th of October. That is why i do not come here that often anymore. Since today is the Happy Anniversary, it is 1 HOUR LONG! YES! TH ROCKS!

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At 12:07pm on January 26, 2011, kaulsil said…
hello you okay? kisses
At 5:57pm on December 31, 2010, kaulsil said…

At 12:37pm on December 31, 2010, kaulsil said…
At 7:40am on December 27, 2010, Charmaine Leow said…
you'll do well next year i am sure!!!!! :D you got promoted which means that you've the ability to do well in the O's! :) i think this year O's seems easy at first but after doing i realise quite tricky!!!!!! hahahah. i'm so so so worried abt the results i'm gonna flunk everything i think omg D':
At 8:32pm on December 26, 2010, kaulsil said…
hi dear friend, thanks for the kind words, Happy 2011, full of joy and Tokio Hotel, kisses
At 2:25pm on December 26, 2010, kaulsil said…
hello friend my friends are important to me! I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, a wonderful New Year, even more friend .. hugs love to repeat that message brings many good vibes
At 8:10am on December 26, 2010, Charmaine Leow said…
WOO!!!! indeed true we must have discovered and fallen in love with ToHo for a reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they've made our life hahaha. WOW i'm so happy for you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! you must have been so happy!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: (:
At 8:31am on December 25, 2010, Charmaine Leow said…
and wish you are well! hope that your N's results are satisfactory!! :D
At 8:29am on December 25, 2010, Charmaine Leow said…


sorry i always reply late! i always forget to come back here haha.

so yeah awaiting for the Os!! i'm so nervous though it's next year -.- how was yours? (:

oh i was browsing through actually 2 years back and i saw a pic of Tom and Bill! it was a caption making fun of them actually; y'know the thing bout Bill looking like a girl (-.-). but i didn't care! i took a look at Bill and fell in love with him immediately!!!!! it was a total love at first sight thingy y'know hahaha. i love Bill so much!!! so i researched bout em cuz they aren't really popular in Asia two years ago y'know (but i'm so happy for them that they're global shining stars now!!!) and just fell in love with them, bam, like this hahahah. kinda funny way to discover TH!!!!!! but nevertheless i'm so thankful i did! i just love them so much they're like my life hahaha. how bout you? how did you discover TH? :D

At 8:07am on November 23, 2010, Charmaine Leow said…
hey girl! sorry i wasn't here for so long! OH YEAH my O Levels are OVEEEEEEEER! :D hee for quite long ald two weeks i think? anw I LOVE BILL THE MOST TOO! <3 ofc the others are awesome too but i love Bill more :) i've been a fan for about 2years! but feels as though i've known TH forevaaa :) you?


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