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Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer
  • ┼┼UMANO|D C|TY
  • Canada
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Welcome, Tokio Hotel - Liebe Immer!'s Page in CherrytreeRecords


Straight off let me say, my site will not und does not support Twincest or similar THemes. Enjoy what you enjoy. THat is all fine, but Twincest images are disrespectful so I will NOT post ANY such things in my site.

Let me explain for you my term ‘THer’.

I’m not too fond of the word ‘fan’. It is short for ‘fanatic’. Webster’s Dictionary’s description of ’fanatic’: a person who is too enthusiastic about something. ‘too’,… ‘too’? How could one ever be ‘too’ enTHusiastic about TH? LOL THen, THere are THe negatives associated wiTH THe word, THe ‘haters’ THat like to THink THat all THose who love TH are unstable in THe head ‘Fanaticals’. Which of course THere are some like THat (we all know a few), but THere are far more of us THat just really enjoy THier music,… maybe a crush or two on THe bands members… … … OK, OK… MADD/CRAZY Love Jones for THose Smexy German Men is more accurate. But come on now… can we be blamed for THat? Uber talented und Smexy to boot, completely understandable THat THey become addictive.

Description of a ‘THer‘: People, male or female THat Like/Admire/Love THe German Band Tokio Hotel.

I’ve intended THis to be a friendly site. We are all here for THe same reason. Loving Tokio Hotel. We all have THat in common no matter THe Country we are from or THe language THat we speak. We all Love THe music und we all admire THe members. No discrimination against country or culture. Fighting over which country THe boys love more or trying to sabotage THeir dream of making it big in THe US,…

THat isn’t happening here! So take THat mess somewhere else.

I have made THe decision to not post/report any 'stalker-type' video und images on my site.


By 'stalker-type' I mean THose videos taken by people outside of THeir homes, und/or work places. Pics und video of THe boys in situations where THey expect THeir adoring public to be, I will post THose.
... I've never been a big supporter of such footage anyway. I have only posted such images when it seemed pertinent.
In a show of support Against Stalker Mentality und intrusive behavior THat encroaches into THe lives of TH und of THeir loved ones... I will not post THe above mentioned images.


I also invite all of my Affiliate/Elites to join me in THis stand. THers as well. If you truly love Tokio Hotel und wish to show THem THe much deserved respect THat THey are entitled to.


Stop posting, collecting, taking, recording,
even stop WATCHING the videos THat oTHers take.


I know THat it seems to be asking a lot, but please,
THink past your wants, consider THeir rights.
Vielen Dank for joining THe stand! ; )




So come, get comfortable… enjoy some Tokio Hotel und make some new friends. ; )


I'll Tweet messages, & THe latest postings. Any changes involving THe site, as well as random ramblings. ; )


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At 10:05am on February 25, 2015, vessi maleva said…

thats great THing hehee :)  well i   just done another one  cause if you know the site tokiohoteloficcial isnt  working anymore :) 

At 10:56am on February 15, 2015, vessi maleva said…

you're wellcome im just getting my old friends in my new acount :D   and how are you :) :)

At 12:57am on November 28, 2013, sarah robles said…
thats awsome Happy thanksgiving
At 8:16am on November 7, 2013, sarah robles said…

hay how have you been I really haven't been on here in a very long time ive ben really good

At 12:08pm on July 10, 2013, sarah robles said…
hay whats new comment me bak when ever u have a chance k :)


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