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Houston texans vs san diego chargers live stream

Houston texans vs san diego chargers live stream

Houston texans vs san diego chargers live stream

One of the most important pieces of server security software available is data protection software. The goal of data protection software is exactly that: to protect data. Keep in mind that this is different than data backup software

What if an unscrupulous employee was planning on leaving the company? What if she copied all of your customer account information onto a USB thumb drive? What's stopping her? What if the bookkeeper needed to email employee data to an offsite accountant and an identity thieve intercepted it during transmission thereby gaining access to the Social Security numbers of business's employees? Without data protection software, these individuals could easily access confidential data. With data protection software, they will only see gibberish.

While it makes sense for even the smallest of businesses to protect their data with server security tools, many businesses are required to do so by government regulations. For example, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires health care providers and other "covered entities" to protect sensitive patient health information. While HIPAA's Security and Privacy Rules do not necessarily spell out which data protection software a covered entity must use, they do require covered entities to protect certain types of information.

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