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We're going to do a special year end Back Rub where you - the Back Rub devotees - vote on your favorite show (use the show date or show number 1 through 12), we'll tally the votes, and we'll play it back this Friday at 8pm and Sunday at 8am and 8pm (PST). There are show playlists in the "Back Rub Playlist" topic right here in this forum (Link:") so you can review all the great moments and pick the show you want to hear!

Edit to add: I guess there is some confusion on which date is which show. Here's the rundown:

10/9 - Show 1
10/16 - Show 2 (Ladies request)
10/23 - Show 3
10/30 - Show 4
11/6 - Show 5 (first appearance of an instrumental)
11/13 - Show 6
11/20 - Show 7
11/28 - Show 8 (Greatest Groans)
12/4 - Show 9
12/11 - Show 10
12/18 - Show 11 (2 hour special)
12/25 - Show 12 (Christmas Special)

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I vote 11/20 show. We were in ATL and it was my birthday!!
#6 but I really enjoyed all of them no doubt...;) So hard to choose& he says,"Remember- In 2010 it only gets hotter!" Oooahh!!=) Wonder how he is going to TOP Dat'!!!
2hrs of DDUB...
Best 2 hrs ever!!
Number #4 was the best music one.......and in total number #10 =)....thank you so much for starting this show....#itsawahlbergthing of 2009.....and here`s hope for more in 2010!!!!
I wanna say all of them but i'll go with Show 11 & 12!! Ddub = HOT!!! Tssssss LOL!!!
It seems I'm outnumbered here but I would have to go with #11... the wordless AND musicless "Close Your Eyes"... I still get chill bumps just thinking about it! *THUD* Although, I do have a soft spot for #2 cuz u said my name before "In Between the Sheets".
#10! :)
There is still plenty of time to vote!
i would have to say 6
Show 11...I almost had heart failure...LOVED IT!! YUP!! SO HOT!!
My vote is for #10....without a doubt!!!



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