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I've produced a very pleasing, high quality, full length CD I'd like Cherry Tree Records to consider including in their catalogue. How do I submit it to Cherry Tree Records?

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When you find out please let me know!
I don't think you can. You have to submit it to Universal, then Interscope, then Cherrytree, I think. I'd read more about the subject online.
You should contact Scott, who works in the Cherrytree Offices about any submissions. I'm not sure what his work e-mail address is but he's in the chat every so often.

Please, do not send unsolicited material without contacting him first!
hey Jarg. you can send it to me on my page here. just click on the link.


Hi Scott,

I recently recorded an EP Demo that has been drawing some interest from Ultra and a a few other labels.

A friend of mine pointed me in your direction and said you might be interested in my sound.

Can I send you an EPK video and a link with a few of these songs of which i speak ;)  ?

Hi I'm new to this cite, and I have the same question.  Where do we send our music submissions as songwriters trying to network and shop our material.  do you have an email address or a cherry tree record mailing address. 

my name is Cece


Good day sir, in respect to the information gotten from the internet,i which to send you my demo. I still will remain dummy as i look forward to your respond, whether to send or not. Tanks for your consideration , and God bless.

We are the kings of the aliens we would like to sign a contract with your record, we live in Italy so I sent you the video of one of our songs, you can contact us on our channel or on my email ....

SCOTT . Please see this : Priscillapopmusic

Just don't aim there buddy. Go all out. Hell, You'll laugh at this one, I placed an ad on craigslist in search of a record deal. I haven't received any feedback, but in two days I got more than a 100 hits. My disability has set me back and at 43 it's getting  harder to go somewhere out there nowadays. Good luck to you!




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