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I am Petey Plastic

I am an upcoming artist based out of Los Angeles, California that is taking the internet by storm.

In a few weeks I have amassed over 30,000 fans and my fanbase is continuously starting to grow.

I have been in love with your label for the longest time and you would be the number one label I

honestly would choose if I had the chance to choose.

I would consider myself a mixture of LMFAO and Colette Carr.

Over 80 people have retweeted my tweet to your labels twitter and the number is rising.

My soundcloud is:

My twitter: Http://

And my contact email is [email protected]

As well as my website Http://

I tried the Seeds email but obviously that gets flooded daily so I thought this would be the next best thing. 

Again my email is [email protected]

It would be awesome if you can put someone in direct contact with me.

I am an independent artist and my own manager.

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