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"Create a Caption" for the following picture. Two winners will randomly be chosen out of all the replies. If you spam or use obscenities, you will be eliminated from this contest. The prize is a poster autographed by Tokio Hotel (Unfortunately there is a small tear to the posters in the upper left corner). Please have fun with this as we would like to do more in the future. This contest will close on 03/26/2009 at 10:00am PST.

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Bill: don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like me
Tom: oh please i just have to stand here and i'm hotter than you
Georg: think..... Hasselhoff
Bill: Georg, if I'm going to put my hand on my hip and do my pose that'll get all the fangirls screaming, I'll need you to duck down.
Georg: NEIN!
Tom: Don't make me get David Hasselhoff into this!
Gustav: *silence*
Bill: Ok, now serious faces guys, and look hot.
"This pool is empty because we used all the water for the Monsoon video. And now we're standing in it like we own it."
Gustav:((is in his own lil world.))
Bill:"Now watch me Bring Sexy Back."
Tom:"Pshh,Im the sexy Twin,Keep Trying Bill!"
Georg:"But i thought i was the sexy one!?"
Bill : * I'm the king, I'm the king*

Gustav: It's so hot in here! .. *Why isn't there water in this damn pool?!*

Georg: My hair is perfect guys! * Better than Bill's muahaha* xD

Tom: Holy crap is a Playboy bunny behind the camera?

Bill: Ahhh shut up guys. * after being a singer, I'll be a model AND a cashier! * :)

*photo snaps! * ♥
tom: holy **** this is like the thousandth picture, your joking right!?!?!

bill: i think my hip is gonna get stuck like this, and standing here this long really exhausts poor little me--

gustav: bunny rabbits....bunny rabbits.....

bill: seriously guys, get good looking, my face feels numb i want this to be over, if you guys dont look good we'll never be done, of course I always look good...--

georg: i kinda need to use the restroom soon...

bill: okay super sexy, the sexier, the sooner its over, stay sexy

tom: dude the line of groupies is only getting longer, how am i ever gonna finish all of them with this taking so freaking LONG?!
wow...i just realise this picture was taken in a pool.

i miss 2007 SO BAD :'(
they're so different now america knows them
Gustav: Bill why do we always have to do these stupid pictures!...Gosh we are here all day because you can't get your hair right!
Bill: You know gustav there are millions of drummers in the world willing to take your place! Now shut up!
Tom: Stop that Bill!.. We could never replace Gustav!
Bill: i know sorry Gustav!
Bill:Get up Georg you look like a retard on the floor like that.
Georg:i lost my contacts.
Bill: Get them after the photo!
Georg: Fine!
All Together:CHEESE!
Tokio Hotel and empty swimming pools, a match made in grunge heaven
Bill- Every body 1, 2, 3
Bill- Sexy,Sexy
Gustav- SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everybody say GUMMI BEAR!!!!!!
The Outsiders rise again! Are you in or are you out?
All: You KNOW you LIKE ME!, You KNOW you WANT ME!, You KNOW you LOVE ME! You want to DATE ME, You want to HUG ME, You WANT to KISS ME! :-) Enjoy!



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