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"Create a Caption" for the following picture. Two winners will randomly be chosen out of all the replies. If you spam or use obscenities, you will be eliminated from this contest. The prize is a poster autographed by Tokio Hotel (Unfortunately there is a small tear to the posters in the upper left corner). Please have fun with this as we would like to do more in the future. This contest will close on 03/26/2009 at 10:00am PST.

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"Sorry we couldn't afford a better set
Bill spent too much money on his outfit"
Bill: com on guys ....the best poser should be in the front.And don´t pout it´s not sexy .....look fierce.
Georg: ....he has n´t noticed *inching his way to the front*
Tom:Why bother....
Gustav:Just take the picture
Evryone- Heeeey we are Tokio Hotel
Bill- And we are back with ouur brand new album for 2009, && it's guna rock!

Tom- Okaay can we go now? Im in need of Skittles... XD
I love Tokio Hotel for ever.
I love your music
this is a best group in the world
Bill: Think... Nena, ok thats good think like Nena.
Tom: Hope nobody knows i'm not posing and i'm just standing here...
Georg: This is my pose face.. Modeling is my backup plan
Gustav: *Silence*
I know this contest is over but here's my response anyway;

Bill: Okay!? Where is the water? *taps foot and raises eyebrow* I did not wear my nice waterproof jacket and awsome boots for nothing! Scheise!!!

Gustav: I actually think we look better dry, Bill. *looks at him self in camera reflection* I look gut!!! world's sexiest drummer! he he.

Tom: Oh please! all of you shut up, you guys don't look as good as I do! Everyone knows even if I just shrug I still look sexy, see? look. That's why I get more girls and you don't! now Georg please get out of my way.

Georg: Whatever, all I care about is that you guys better get me some nice gifts for mine geburtstag! Maybe a Hasselhoff poster and CD? Guys?
You better work Cover Girl. Channel that Fierce-ness.
Bill: *I AM Sasha Fierce, Beyonce's got nothing on me*
Bill: Now snap,and vogue. *singing*

Others: Bill,shush.

Bill: Now snap and vogue *still singing*

Tom: SHUT. UP.

Bill: *is silent*

Georg: Have a staring contest with the camera.

Gustav: Yeah,it's serious time.

Georg,Gustav,and Tom: Now snap and VOGUE.... *singing*

Bill: *thinking* Hypocrites.
Bill: 'Guys. Lets do this."

Tom:*oh god oh god, I'm scared*

Georg:"Oh hai there little kitty"

Gustav: "What are we looking at?"
tom:love is a name , sex is a game forget the name and play the game
bill:f*** is good,f*** is funny but cost so much money f*** yourshelf and keep your money
Taking Over The photoshoot at a time.
We're so hot the pool's water seemed to evaporate at our very presence.


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