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"Create a Caption" for the following picture. Two winners will randomly be chosen out of all the replies. If you spam or use obscenities, you will be eliminated from this contest. The prize is a poster autographed by Tokio Hotel (Unfortunately there is a small tear to the posters in the upper left corner). Please have fun with this as we would like to do more in the future. This contest will close on 03/26/2009 at 10:00am PST.

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Bill- leather jacket- €350, tight pants €100, hair spray €8, a look that's always this good--priceless
Tom- this pool would be better if it was filled with jessica alba look-alikes...
Georg- I wish I had some hasslehoff music to pass the time...
Gustav- hmm.....I wonder if anyone will notice if I sneak a text...
Bill: Hey guys silence I have to be concentrate! è.é

Tom: Okey bro' but there are something strange =.=

Gustav: Hey hey did you hear it?!? O.O

Georg: Sorry guys ... U.U

Bill: *psh* I got the sexy pose here.
Tom: Yeah right.
Georg: Whatever!
Gustav: It is just a pose!!
New Album title Sex On Legs cos these guys are HOT!
and I bet you didn't even notice that they are in an empty pool
The sexy men divert all the attention away from their surroundings
Tokio Hotel is so cool,
they make empty pools look fabulous
Wouldn't You Dive into that Pool?
Tokio Hotel Has Parted The Waters!
Gustav- why exactly are we taking pictures in an empty pool again?
Georg-Umm i think it was Bill's idea
Tom- the usual, Bill with his hand on his hips. Gosh.
Bill- You kno wat u peoples hav no sence of humor or a sence of fun and Tom why do u always look kinda down it annoys me soooo much
Tom- wateva
And if our final day has come
Let's pretend to carry on
Guys: You said you had a problem with you're pool?


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